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Surprisingly there are inbreds on here to just disrespect our president, people, and country…this is a good thing…sore losers that are desperately trying to sway voters…knowing they lost already…only making it worse for themselves…not working dumbasses…

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Results matter, values matter, truth matters, family matters, look up magapill on internet see accomplishments don’t be brainwashed by left and media. God bless all Americans. Peace and unity among all.

Based on my intellectual capacity and vast knowledge and skills acquired home and abroad, tactically and tentatively right from the Start of time, especially in the light of ecclesiastical evolution and I’ve come to a concrete, definite and profound conclusion that I really have NOTHING to say,, and am just saying Big up #Trump with the great work. I never really understood why a whole race of people would want the same party or policies, although I do get that the ones who are prospering still think the Democrats will help their less fortunate friends and relatives. Many are realizing the error in their thinking.

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If Bernie Sanders wins and goes against Trump, Trump will win, I think Bernie means well, he does have some great ideas, but, we need better Congress and senators in our offices, aren’t they the final decision of what happens,Isn’t that the reason why Trump, I can’t do what he wants to do?

I am a believer in Candance and she has been right all along. Too bad that that so many miss hearing her speak…and I refer especially to those who are in support of any Democrat. They have a lot of catching up to do on facts and statistics. When you fight to give people back their dignity and stop the mindset that people must be kept ‘down’ (and in line with a particular party) by giving those people paltry handouts, you are recognizing the IMPORTANCE of those people. People want to have respect, value, and worth. YOU GIVE THAT TO THEM.🇺🇸❤️

That’s great. Now, please take note of the dems in MS that are turning to Republican. I saw a posting a few weeks back that George Soros has a plan to infiltrate the Republican party with dems claiming to be Republican. DO NOT allow them to run this term as Republicans. Make them stand in line. Get REAL Conservatives in our government.

I would hope that the black community would realize the Democrats have pretty much abandoned them and just take their vote for granted. Just like they abandoned the blue collar middle class. President Trump recognized that fact, and that’s why he won. The Dems only seem to care about illegals and the millennials who want “free stuff” without considering who will pay for it.

Im so glad people are seeing how good our president is. I hate that he and his family are treated so badley. He didnt have to take on this job but he loves this country and its people so much he has withstood all the abuse of the democrats.

We are ALL AMERICANS FIRST! DJT is the first President who consistently delivers! And 45 is President at ALL TIMES NOT ONLY DURING ELECTION 45 is improving every Americans lives. He always negotiate for what is good for the country and its constituents! NONE from the socialist demo talks about jobs! 45 is about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!! Looking forward to see another tax cuts, real Healthcare, infrastructures!

America has no colors! A great President works and fights for all social classes, all races and all citizens at all levels! Thank you 🙏 for your hard work! It seems like Trump doesn’t care about fighting corruption anymore you never hear about Biden or his son anymore or the Trump investigation … since Biden slipped in the polls 2nd 3rd it kind of makes you wonder if it was all just a political stunt or not

The dems have never been on their side, just kept them coming back for the crumbs they would leave them and the continuous narrative that they would do things for their community. Never accomplished anything and this president has made progress that should have been made especially by democrat presidents, but also republican presidents too!

Congress can’t seem to do anything but hate Trump. But can you imagine Congress working with Bernie Sanders on ANYTHING? African Americans For Trump. We support you Mr President . We are growing stronger daily. A shockwave will hit on election day. Our mission is to upset the Democrats party for all of the LIES ..We once was blind but thank God we can now see 👀

No matter what every citizen in this country that is here legally have every opportunity as the rest of us united we stand loud and proud Trump 2020 I knew that you would be the best President to help every American..I told everyone who would listen that Donald Trump will make a difference for the Black community.. because I’ve watched Democrats lie to that community and take their votes for grante…See More

You are the best president for everyone except freeloaders who are too lazy to work and pay for the things that they want out of life! Six Democratic elected officials in Mississippi and two Independents have switched to the Republican Party (2/25/2020). Keep the trend going Pres. Trump! You’re getting the smart and awakened ones!

You won’t get that opinion if you listen to the news media. Their polls don’t read the same as the rest of the country’s polls. People are starting to realize that the promises of the lying socialist democratic patty are nothing but empty lies made to deceive the uninformed and steal their vote. Trump 2020!!!

the fearless man in the whole world after you next person I respect so much is mazi nnamdi KANU, they are the hardcore kudus. All of us Indians were happy with the arrival of the President of America and the First Lady.
You will say to America’s residents that you have found a true American hero as President Trump.