Airplane making idea is got from big birds

their best again spreading BS and in Hope now they see Bernie maybe nominee and DNC hates that and will do anything keep that happening. Bernie honeymooned in Russia

Please take on health care costs in your next term. There is no excuse for so many families having to file bankruptcy just for cancer or any other major health care diagnosis. We pay so very much for insurance but still can’t afford a major illness or the treatment for it. It just isn’t right.

I’m a person that wants to see every American citizen prosper and excel in their lives. I like being able to shake the person’s hand, if they’re ok with it, and talk about the positive things that are happening in their lives. To see the person’s smi…

However, low wage jobs offer nothing. Where are the income producing jobs to pay off debt and purchase homes, cars, and travel so economy sizzles hot and heavy?

would love to have more jobs in South Alabama, just saying, minimum wage jobs pretty much dominant here, not much growth. we need help please sir.

“America under a Sanders presidency would still be America, both because Sanders is an infinitely better human being than Trump and because the Democratic Party wouldn’t enable abuse of power the way Republicans have.”

Every parent lives is poverty when they have children. Each child cost 50 to 80 thousand dollars a year to raise not including college ( which is needed to get a good job so they can support themselves) If you can’t afford that. Then don’t have children.

you need to do a little research into Socialism. It’s not what you think. Find a book called Socialism is Evil. You can get it on Amazon. You need to know that Socialism will will make citizens much more unequal than you are now. Compare …

Bernie wants to raise tax to 52% to cover health care and $15 an hour minimum wage. The 52% tax will be on anyone making over $30,000 and that puts minimum wage at the rate of 52% so you have more than half your check taken in tax plus state tax. So minimum wage works out to $6 an hour.

President Trump given you a chance to work and prosper and makes more money’s, this is a Capitalist country and that’s why we are a great nations when it come to freedom and prosperity and freedom prosperity and justice and laws .

Thank you for your hard work! Now can we start investigating Hillary’s long list of suicided friends please?
President Trump please hold a rally in Utah. We need to show Mitt Romeny who Utah really supports. Thank you so much for all the great work. We support you. Trump 2020

Trickledown doesn’t work. Your Corporate tax cuts resulted in stock buy backs, not jobs and gave us the highest deficit in history!

I’m loving my cheaper medications! A month ago I paid 10 bucks co pay and today same thing for 4.47! Thanks! Finally our medicines will be cheaper! Thanks!

I have lived a short life in the span of things. But as I seen presidents come and go. Trump is the only president I will vote for. I full heartily love what he is doing for us.
He has the support of so many people I know here in Washington state.

Is not going unnoticed, even the libs have blatantly taking the credit as demonstrated by Obama despite knowing that Americans are not Illiterates, at least the knows who Does what! BRAVO President Donald Trump

We must not underestimate the crooked Left at election time. PLAN FOR WINNING: Bring one person who was not going to vote for Trump, or vote at all. If each of us did this, only then would a win be definite. We must win. 🇺🇸

According to an NAACP conducted 6 mos ago Trump has moved the needle of black support to over 20%. You will never hear about this in the media destined to lead the U.S.A. for another full term, as witnessed through the rising popularity index. This is despite the hostile coverage by the MSM and the political Opposition.

i’m confused didn’t biden get questioned when he left the state really early last election and didn’t sanders leave really early on this one but no big deal didn’t stay for party

This economy and unemployment level is unsustainable .. tarrifs and govt aid are against free market principles ..I would give it 3 years before the unemployment rises to more than b4

I want to know what the States are doing with the funds from the Opioid Crisis Law Suits!? Are they putting it back into the Medical system in the State’s that are in, or pocketing more for themselves for a pat on the back once again!

It is simply, the poorest economic management anywhere in the world, considering the tools and intellectual help at it’s disposal. The Trump/GOP leadership is an administrative disaster on the American public.

I wish someone would look into chase banks they have hurt millions of people in the last 15 years and there still doing it

Best President and Best Economy in my lifetime. Thank you Mr President my 401K and retirement IRA is doing so good I might be able to take my Honey aka Carolyn Chestnutt on a 50th wedding anniversary cruise in April.

I think The President has more and more blacks and Hispanics are fallowing Him because we all are in the same ship and we are realizing that He is the best captain

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