Always wear helmet while driving on mountain road

President you got this we need you we need a great president for once in our lives you and the first lady of the best looking president and first lady we’ve ever had not only on the outside but in the inside to go go Trump I’m voting for you so a lot of other people

If this legislation should reach your desk, I sincerely pray you veto the bill. WE THE PEOPLE, The citizens of the United States have every right to know the origins of our food and medicine is from. To deny us that right is incredib…See More

I can’t believed how President Trump can stand up to the challlenge of the do nothing democrats who have o chance of beating him on the polls come November and no one can dispute that what he has done for the last three years was a record that not even one of his predecessors were able to achieve during their eight years in office. Good job Mr. President we love you God bless.

I’m asking in behalf of all American citizens please isolate our country from the world. To stop the spread of Covid-19. You won’t have a country to govern in a couple of months

Great work this week! Keep on fighting and being our voice for conservatism, common sense, & change that benefits all Americans and those who aspire to re-locate and reside here as Americans!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I can’t tell you how much we love you or how grateful we are for your leadership! You’re so strong, sir, much stronger than you should have to be. God is with you, boss🙏🇺🇸

That big bird flying past the stands, our President mentioning God and comparing the attendants as American families, and then the gorgeous beast circling the field! My God, the Dems must be going crazy!!

You ride the coattails of prior administrations. You are actually tanking the economy. But I’ll go ahead and take advantage of the coming crash in the next 2-3 years and buy a foreclosure.

She should be on the cover of Vogue magazine. She is the most beautiful First Lady ever. I canceled my subscription after 40 years. The magazine is supposed to be about beauty, fashion and empowering women, not politics.

The only way the swamp gets drained is to reelect one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever known and to make certain that the House and senate have large majorities. Lets get it done!

does secret service really get charged to protect you at your resorts? What good is not collecting a presidential paycheck if you have over 300 terms in golf fees? Is Camp David not good enough to just chill at ? Asking for unborn great grandkids paying the price?

What kind of economic policy is it when the Fed keeps printing money to pump up the stock market with corporate stock buybacks? Unsustainable! We went off the Gold Standard in 1971. So who determines what your fiat money is worth?

it will be a true time for FREE, sensible, common sense, honest, moral and God loving people to stand strong for what they believe. Sanders, in my opinion, will coming in to try to take all that away. Stay free.

Want me to tell you what I’m furious over? Coronavirus people your Homeland Security allowed to arrive in Anniston, Al WITH NO WARNING! Why? California and Texas were prepared. We are a RURAL COMMUNITY WITH LITTLE TO NO PREPARATIONS AND SUBSIDIES!

My little Great Grandson and Grandson we’re outside the fence watching you land. With their moms. Such a great experience for them

who & when is that bill going to be paid. donnie did promise to solve that issue. he certainly excoriated his predecessor over that issue. what a low-life impotus.

I think it is great Trump uses social media to connect with America so he can connect with us quickly then it a way to hold him accountable but he needs a pat in the back
Or he’ll do it himself lol I don’t think some ppl get his sense of humor

As you read about coronavirus, remember — Trump shut down the entire NCS Directorate on Global Health Security….this cut funding to deal with pandemic diseases.

“In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat…It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans…But we’ve had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans.”

Why in the world would Trump give the ok to abolish the unions ability to negotiate for the workers? He used the words national security in the matter. This is bs!!!! He is going against his claim to be for the working class.

Hey Laura I know you want read the comments but Donald Trump wants me to join yall for dinner in. Dayton Frordia how about y’all come to Jacksonville Alabama

Trump uses division to keep his rabid base stirred up. He is, in this way, the author of escalating the cultural civil war. History will not look well on his toxic character defects.

Please ask your dad not to forget CANADIAN BUSINESS men and the working people of Canada as our country is being swamped…God Bless American and Canada.we need help ..

I am being forced out of yet another apartment complex and downsizing again because of the government controlled housing market, taxes, and utilities in Las Vegas. I came from communist country…everything ends in nism ,lism , is a controlling system. Run run run … we came to United States where freedom of speech and believe is what Americans believe in ..don’t let a Corrupt Bernie Sanders take away that . He’s 74 years old grandpa. Let him go home and retire . Is time to let the people that believes in freedom to vote .

I am 64 years old and when I started to work it was under Richard Nixon I could go out and get a job then like it go to another and that was that way then economy has never been that good until now you can go out and get a job if you don’t like it go to another everywhere’s a begging for work keep up the good work mr. President

If we are aware that Russia wants to meddle in our elections, why can’t we stop then? There must be a way. To know without action to prevent doesnt make sense.

Everyone running right now on the Democratic Side is not a good fit for Nevada and they do not respect our rights as Americans. obviously or our constitution.

According to our Intelligence Agency Russia is interfering! Adam Shift is not making this up. As President you should be keeping America safe, instead you are willing to accept their interference.

No that’s according to the United States intelligence agencies. They briefed you and Sanders that Russia is actively engaging in manipulating our elections but you, of course, know more than our intelligence agencies and call it fake news.

Been supporting Trump since the beginning 2015. Will continue and I trust him completely because I believe he loves this country and its citizens and will always do what is best for us.

Bernie sanders is yours solution americans, remove the controversial person and replace him with Bernie, who have leadership Qualities and competency.

That crazy Bernie Sanders will win you in November elections and now you are worried about Russia helping Democrats after they helped you steal votes in 2016, Trump you are the one who’s crazy, Trump you should be worried about Bernie Sanders coz as it looks like your supporters will only vote in twitter and facebook

I’m more concerned with democrat manipulations because we discovered. They did so in2016 and possibly 2018.

That’s a tactic the left is using on their own base. I bet they don’t even realize it. They are using russia to deter democratic voter from voting for Bernie in the primaries. That’s just foul lol Should create a nice rift in the party, making it easier for Trump to get re-elected.

I’m a republican voting for Bernie Sanders because all you done was lie since you’ve been in office , take credit for things you have not achieved, and put children in cages . for some reason your kool aid drinking supporters haven’t noticed .

There are some Democratic morons on this thread. Sad and unwilling to admit and see the truth behind the leftist lies.

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