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I find it VERY telling that not one single place so far has “harvested” votes during the democratic nomination voting. Not a single one. Is that because the democrats ONLY go looking for votes when their candidate is losing to a republican? The answer is YES. ‼️

President Trump, please look into FAA OVERREACH regarding new crazy stifling rules concerning the radio control aircraft hobby. It has been around for 50 plus years and is a safe, family friendly activity that is enjoyed safely by over 100,000 insured.

One day these people will be held accountable President Trump if not this life in the next. No one should have to endure what you have had to. You are showing the world how strong you are. The world will respect you and our country because of your example. He needs to be in jail but it seems we have a double standard going on here! If you’re a Democrat you can do whatever you want to do and laws don’t apply to you. Not so for Republicans.

Give that little mouse Hell Mr. President ! Sure would like to know about the slush fund that paid for his perverted ways around congress ! Maybe he needs some jail time for that and a whole lot more ! If congress breaks their own passed laws then we get the kind of lawlessness we see every night on the 6 o’ clock news !

Arrest him please, he has committed crimes. And if the doj and fbi wont do their jobs, arrest them. Our legal system has appeared to fail we the people.

He needs to go down before someone gets killed. Adam schiff has no place in our government. He is a traitor and should be brought up on charges of treason for his role in the coup to unseat our beloved president who did nothing wrong. Its time to make his and nancys life hell like theyve done to u. Vote out nancy on march 3rd and let start getting this country back to normal

You do know the Man is very sick and won’t last long, right? He’s probably already settled with a plan to appoint his would be Vice President. He’s 100 yrs old. But at least we love our Geriatrics!

I think Bernies cost them the election and they know it. So unless they find some “distrust” issues, it’s already over. The fact they stabbed their best chance in the back (Biden) tells volumes as to their loyalty to their own.

that is an excellent photo of you hugging old glory, the american flag. You definetely have to get shirts printed of that image, Mr President Trump

You’d think this country would have an investigative office that could find who does that stuff. If they wanted to. Guess their just incompetent but think they deserve respect as a great investigative body.

If he is leaking classified information, WHY has this not already been done?

I love when Trump drops these hints. He’s telling you the investigation has him, and he’s going down . He’s telling them openly and they are NOT ENJOYING IT! WWG1WGA!

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