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He could be caught right now. The only problem is the two-tier so-called “justice” system, which, by all accounts, looks to be here to stay.

i say you should only be allowed 2 years in congress and it to be regular citizens that get in with pay of only 40k per year there in there. then lest say a president only servers one term they will have two rounds of fresh voices of the American peopl…

The sooner he is caught the better. Iwant to see the Roger Stone treatment it would fit this little rat much better. Needs his arrogance checked,

You could call an Emergency Meeting with the 2 House leaders from both parties , 2 Senate Leaders from both Parties , Attorney General , FBI Director .. At that meeting you can ORDER Bill Barr & Christopher Wray to formally star.

He must already be caught for you to accuse him so publically. When is his transfer to Guantanamo?

I have yet to understand why there hasn’t been anything done about him. If he is leaking classified information he should be charged with a crime.

He’s already been ‘caught’ when he read that fake transcript of your call. He’s already been ‘caught’ when denied knowing and meeting the whistle blower. Look at what happened to other people who lied to Congress but since Schiff is a Democrat NOTHING is done to him. This double standard needs to stop!!! Start putting these people in jail.

I wished all this people that want socialism could be send. To a socialist country for a year and see how much they will like it than. Bunch of morons.

He’s Already Done That So Prosecute Him Already And All The Rest. Bring Them Up On Charges I Guarantee If It Was A Poor Man Or Nonelite We Wouldn’t Of Already Been Locked Up For Life. The Laws Are Not Fair For The Rich And Elite

Why , sadly nobody will prosecute any of them due to congressional immunity from prosecution. Seems like the GOP doesn’t have the balls to investigate due to their own skeletons might be exposed during the process !

It’s time to turn the table on these anti Americans and put them in their place. My choice would be a firing squad for treason but prison will do.

Well I’m wondering who’s going to catch him, would that be the corrupt director Christopher Wray? Or maybe you’re thinking, William Barr, who chokes over a tweet, is going to call him out in front of the deep state??? With all due respect Mr. President, I’m not holding my breath!

The only people that would vote against Trump are not true Americans and probably never had a real job, the FREE FOOD AND HEALTHCARE ARE NOT FREE, WE THE WORKING AMERICANS PAY FOR IT

NOW the polls are accurate. Just a couple days ago, when they weren’t in your favor, they were “fake”. No wonder your followers are so confused.

Adam Schiff is the Russian asset. (Who does he think he is kidding). Here we go again. Schiff is starting it up. What the hell has the Dems done in 3 years. Not a thing. They can’t even find someone to run against Trump….Bernie now loves Castro….wow did you know that..said Castro is not a bad guy and.don’t forget Bernie honeymooned in Russia. What more do you need to see the truth.

Somebody please tell Dirty Donnie to quit tweeting so much about what a wonderful guy he is and how everything is going so well all because of him. And when something does go wrong its always someone else’s fault. Just saying. As Clint Eastwood use to say: “A MAN HAS GOT TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS”

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