Car’s battery and ensure it is in good condition for 5 years

President for all the great works you do for the Americans. I want to believe that your presidency drives clueless leaders around the world nuts, hence the pressures…

15 years of proven track record DESERVES a pardon! Good job! But those who haven’t beaten drugs, or are trying to just to get their kids back… We got to do what’s best for the kids and that’s not always putting them back in a drug home! I know of …

One covered for yo and even threatened a witness he’s great to you. Cohn finally may have told the truth. To you he is bad

Who gave the stores the right to change anything they want to for idems! They don’t know how when enough is different from too much! They can not use common sense!

Problem is these backgrounds checks are killing me… and this online application process ….It seems like I’m being red flagged, there’s a big community that has a hard time getting a job after prison….I hope the economy booms in fact I pray!

Everything in america is great now,the millitary,the nukes,booming economy and Trump except for one thing whiskey..please stop making whiskey leave that to the irish.Jack daniel tastes like broken promises,its for those who already hate themselves.

Prayers for wisdom and justice for and from the authorities who review and screen the cases. Everyone deserves a second chance, just don’t blow it once you get out you guys, keep the faith and good works.

They need to go right into trade school(s)…Or better, yet, start those trade schools in prison,get their cert’s there,and continue on after…

You’re silly if you believe you can come out of prison and get a good job. Some people have done it, but most cannot.

He clearly doesn’t realize that most companies do a criminal background check and a convicted felon has a chance of getting a job with a decent salary is equal to that of someone surviving in his administration once they’ve crossed him,

Isn’t it nice to see a President who offers second chances and cares about those who have been disadvantaged early in life? Best President ever and such a great man! #Trump2020

The visionary president, Giving hope to the hopeless, Trump again give hope for Americans who will come out from prisons. This is wonderful..I love president Trump.

The jobs may be there but the companies who are so called “equal employment opportunists” are not willing to hire felons. There in lies the problem.

One issue which the US and UK share is criminal records and having to declare convictions to potential employers.

That’s good to hear but there is a lot of discrimination against coming out of prison and actually being hired for a good job

I’m sorry to say my son just got out and there are no jobs that will hire him they need to give an incentive for companies to try these guys out they have paid there time and most have turned to religion

true unless they are given incentives or paid to hire felons and then the companies when having to pay wages out of pocket, after a certain time period is up, will fire them.

They really don’t “support” anyone. All they aim to do is to upset our democratic republic. They want to make Americans unsure of our democratic republic and change, or not vote at all. If we all go to the voting booth with intelligent information, make sure you know everything you can about the person you are voting for, listen to both sides,check your history before making your decision. Good luck in November!

Karen Freds Hodgkinson they spent 3 years and millions investigating that claim. There was no basis in fact to it. This is the elites trying to hide the fact that they’re losing because what they offer isn’t popular anymore. Or are we to believe everyone who isn’t joe Biden is a Russian puppet?

The Democratic Party and their perverted allies of Hollywood is in a perpetual state of outrage. That is all they know these days. They have no ideas, no plans, just agendas to get President Donald Trump. They are becoming easy fodder for the President. As much as they try, nothing works. He’s got them right where he wants them. Rallying his base.

President because the Russians gave me a bushel basket of money and held a gun to my head on Election Day. That is the only way a country with the GDP of Italy could change our elections. Thankfully, I could retire because of it. Kidding of course.

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