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I will be watching from Missouri, I know everyone that is there will be so happy, I hope to see one soon that is around 100 miles from me, I LOVE President Trump’s rally’s

Anyone seeing liberal posts, be very careful. There is a surge of trolls/false accounts spreading a lot of misinformation. Reporting doesn’t seem to do anything on FB and FB doesn’t even have good categories to report, so please, think for yourself, and if you’re unsure, go find a good source to research.

South Carolina is all set to receive you. I arrived here eight hours ago, and I’m really excited to attend your event. Your messages of encouragement, American revival and great future prospects, resonate well with millions of patriots.

You need to tell people what you plan to do in your second term, not what you’ve already accomplished. Read Proverbs 19, and each day a different one – there are 31 and most months have 30-31 days so there’s one for each day. . . . . . lots are praying for you every day, hope God has provided a new spiritual guide for you with Paula being promoted 🙂

dont let the city of san francisco have ANY money because they enacted a state of emergency . . . that money, if given , would never make it to where it was to go . . .it just go into politicians pockets .

Please don’t forget police too protect the people at the rallies,democratic leaders not trustworthy with Bloombergs money he is able to hire thugs to beat up trump supporters.

I want to see lots of American flags flying outside! Make it happen! I saw none at the Democrats rally! We need to show them who we are and what we stand for! Why dont you just schedule a pep rally in every city at the same time the Dems are holding a debate/primary election? I know your enormous ego has already thought of that.

“A rout in global financial markets deepened Tuesday, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average down nearly 900 points and heightening the anxiety of investors around the world.” Is this the great economy you keep talking about?

I can’t believe Bernie followers are for his medicare policy they must not know they may have to wait up to 6 months to see a doctor plus he is going to take everything away from them and over tax them they need to research socialist it doesn’t work he just wants to be a dictator they better start researching socialism his free stuff is not going to be free he will. Destroy America.He will take their guns and freedom!

Eric Holder: “Does anyone think that if there were a consequential national security/economic crisis that this Administration has the intellectual capacity and policy acumen to navigate the nation through it? The answer, frighteningly, is no. Now we have the coronavirus and they have no idea.”

Will this be an open carry event and gun friendly? We need to prove a well armed crowd is a well behaved crowd. Making this a gun free event invites trouble.
Charleston South Carolina here gotta work that night but definitely gonna be wearing my Trump shirt and flying my keep America great flag all day everyday Show the Carolina’s what a great President you are.Tell them about all you have done while in office over three years and you should win by a landslide.

President Trump is a Lion compared to the clowns in rhat debate last night.Each scrambling to be more anti American than the next😀😀😀 Trump visit to India as brought death and destruction. The msm won’t report about the killings being carried out by Hindu nationalist who are inspired by the Nazis.
This Russia possessed Syria during your reign, and you agree to that …. During your reign, America became without prestige