Difference between bachelor degree and diploma

if you have art and power. Spread love and humanity! Today’s need is everywhere in the world of friendship! Even in America !! Because Mr. Burney is your rival. But you say Bernie is crazy! These signs exist all over the world. The possibility of a major war in the world.

First lAzy yore new wife Laura tRump!! I wandered wear she was on account of not seeing her for a while! Did she haveta keep a low profile on account of jellous old wife ivanKa?

No such thing as a Democratic socialist. This guy’s a communist. there’s no getting around it children ,you going to have to work

What about people on social security, I read about you wanting too cut social security for the fourth consecutive year. You promised in your campaign not to touch social security. I believe in you Mr. TRUMP, PLEASE HELP, I AM ON SSD PLEASE HELP, I SUPPORT YOU

Where is the information on the policies with pre-existing conditions? I am a Health Insurance Broker, and I do not see them … I do see the Short Term Medical Plans going to 3 year terms, which is better then what they were before Obama destroyed them … But, I keep hearing about this, and see nothing on it…

take some time and research Cuba and Argentina and then you will understand socialism please do this it will help you understand

Democratic Socialism? There’s no such thing. You’re either a socialist or you’re not. It like you can’t be a little pregnant, you are or aren’t.
It’s never worked before. Every country that has attempted it has collapsed. Mass murder/culling of the population of those who in opposition ensues.

By no fault of President Trump, our economy and the world economy is going to be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We haven’t even begun to see the repercussions of the devastation this is going to inflict on everyone!

Did I count wrong or there only around 1,300 votes cast is that all? If so what does that say to how much each vote cost

President Donald J Trump 2020 to 2024 To finish draining the swamp of corruption of the Sellouts politicians and treasonous.acts against our president in Washington DC

More people working.More taxes are being paid. Which interpts to lower debts. I would like to know wht our credit ratings are now?

Trump Compainge should start selling “Impeachment Pens” So everyone can have one. With KAG. on it aswell. Well PTrump was making American Great again the Dems Impeached him for a “Pen” and Not much else!!!

I have fibromyalgia and back and neck issues but SSI keeps denying me. I can’t work but the SSI system hurts those that need it. Please answer my prayers President Trump. If anything ever happens to my dad I can’t afford to live on my own. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for over 20 years now. Please see this Trump, I don’t know what else I can do. I’ve been denied twice.

I have an idea why dont they do away with federal income tax and create a federal sales tax of say 7% they would make a lot more money and people would make more money in their checks

they love that Democratic Socialism in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Korea known mostly as North Korea, or The Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of the Congo oh wait people hated it there so they fought a b…

There is no such thing as good socialism. Our capitalistic system has worked for two hundred years the only problem is politicians stealing our tax dollars.

Move to China or Cuba .Then you will have it . I want what the United States always stands for freedom . Millions gave their lives for it . Tourist looking for a hand out .

I heard a woman give t he best advice for Presidents Election team. It was he needs to get on college campus’s and tell these young voters what he is about. The message needs to be spread there but it should come from Trumps mouth.. not a TV ad. New voters seem to be uninterested or just plain don’t care who leads this country.

How long are you gonna ignore this virus on our hands? China is lying about information relating to it and it seems the US is as well. And bringing confirmed cases to non-infected areas is why countries around the world are dealing with riots. Why brin…

this is a total lie. Trump’s economy is very short sighted and for the economically elite at the detriment (hurt) of mainstream americans.

I see polls was used from non-American immigrants and illegals .. it is illegal voter fraud! So please use executive order for the voters to use voters ID for US citizens only to prevent illegal votings!

Bernie would not be doing so well if everybody was benefitting. One trillion dollar deficit, 2.3 GDP for 2019 compared to Obama’s 2.9 in 2015. The last few years of Obama’ administration spending dropped but he took care of vulnerable …

You are creating an economy for the wealthy and corporations! 44% of full-time employed Americans are earning $18,000 or less which are poverty wages today!

The best economy is ever achieved ever for your leadership to keep America great again! The way you propel the people towards the better nation is just fabulous!overall work by you is valuable! God bless America

I am sorry, but every time I hear her speak I just start laughing. The daughter-in-law is not the one I am going to listen to, even though she does have the BEST WORDS, more ‘best words” than YOU do,

“As Americans, we should be frightened — deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation

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