Difference between small wheels vs large wheels two wheeler on speed

Support for the Russian occupation of Crimea is equal to support for war and support for murder! Apple, open your eyes and fix your maps! Crimea is Ukraine!

I hope money you are making from russia will be enogh to create new OS, to install it in russian market, so that russian FSS could kill more people with its help. Good job apple.

The worst costumer service in the world im sorry that I bought products from you!!! You care only about the money that we pay you ! But if i need any help no one care

Don’t waste your money. Had one for less than a month, and already had 2 different problems With screen and hardware. The computer is changing the brightness on its own. And technical support was useless, with an agent refusing to identify. Called themselves “Z”. Why not Santorini alpha 5. As usual, crappy American quality at its best. Going to the store tomorrow to demand a new machine.

With the Current situation on Corona Virus, does Apple check their staff if they had traveled to China and be isolated for 14 days after back to prevent any spreading of the virus to customers and co-colleagues?
They have proven themselves to be blood suckers and they do not care about all the consumers.
Presented them with a defective product, was told by the technician that the motherboard was spoiled (28 Days after the warranty period)

Why doesn’t Apple offer old dos and windows games created before 2000 for $ 1, $ 2 or $ 3? You set them to be in hd and otherwise you won’t change anything. Then I would really love apple.

i have been trying to get my brothers brand new iphone out of icloud lock for so long i am stating to forget if when i started he never even got it set up just got messed up in trying to set up the passcode and the password and put his home number

I also buy this phone almost two month before, now the charging slot have problem. I can’t put charge i cant use headphone, now iam using wireless charger to charge, its very annoying.
I backed up all my files and DOUBLE CHECKED they have been backed up properly. Gave up my broken Mac and have a replacement one.. Half of the files appear as aliases.. Months of music production gone. I hate you Apple

You want my computer for a week in order to replace a battery on my MacBook Pro? And, when I ask what I’m supposed to do in the meantime, your answer is to buy a new macbook and return it when you’re done taking a week to replace the battery? Apparently, it’s time to go back to PCs.

I have 2019 newly announced macbook pro 16 inch, i want to know how to use lithium battery better? such as: always charge 100%? how many times should discharge to 0% each month, etc.

Bought iphone and went thrice to the service center in first 6 months but the issue still isn’t resolved
The person on the phone line doesn’t get the voice clearly when i asked if u cant change the phone please change the microphone but they always said its good
Worst service, will never purchase Apple from now

I received a receipt for a purchase I did not make! Who do I speak to about it? I can’t find any phone numbers to call.

Apple products cost atleast 2-3 times more than the best competition in the market as its supposed to be better and last longer… But that wasn’t the case with my iphone 7. Throughly disappointed in the tech behind the iPhone..

I paid the developer fee. It has been more than 48hr and my account is still not activated.

My MacPro spent 2 months out of 10 months in the Apple Repair Center. Despite all supports and reps have been polite and trying to be helpful, it gets to the point that is intolerable. Still don’t know when my 10 months Mac Pro will be returned home trouble-free. Having policies is crucial for scalability but exemption management is just as important to win over customer loyalty.

Apple did not honour its own Genius Bar receipt of iPhone to be exchanged for free.
Dear team apple I am studying B Tech in civil engineering and this is my 2 year . We get assignment and ppt that i can hardly do it in mobile . So i was wondering that you can provide me one of your devices for my studies.

I received three “calls” in less than an hour from “Apple Inc” 1-860-512-2070, saying my account has been compromised and to call back a number. Thing is I don’t have an Apple account. Apple consumer’s beware.

Apple uk are misleading their customers from Northern Ireland by promising next day delivery or Saturday delivery. Please don’t believe them because DHL doesn’t do 24hr or Saturday delivery to Northern Ireland from Mainland Uk 🇬🇧. And when you try to get some support from Apple assistant you get a rude and unprofessional attitude.

I’m very disappointed with Apple Products. I have a couple of devices that doesn’t work anymore. To be mores specific, it’s 2 Macbooks, 1 iPad 2 and, at the same time these devices started to have problems, my iPhone 4S stopped to work, also. I said to myself never buy Apple anaymore. It’s better think twice befor buy Apple products. You pay more only for a ilusion.
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Ben Suys
Ben Suys I’ve bought one. More than 7000€ and it worked only two days. Is this new mac book pro the 737max of Apple? Honestly Apple shame on you.

Regretfully today I upgraded to Catalina and subsequently had to subscribe to Office 365 to continue using Outlook email. Some of my emails came across all of my email folders and saved emails are gone. I can see they are sitting in a data recovery folder as olk14-messages. Please, how to I convert/open/access them?

my iPhone kept prompting me to log in Apple ID every ten minutes by sending me notifications, do you know how disruptive it is?!?
I tried to reset password for my Apple ID and I can’t do it!!! it says I have to wait for 13 days!

I have been trying to get a hold of Eric (extension 548627) from Apple online management to go over my “experience” of a recent purchase and to finish working out our refund—and I have not been successful at getting through since 30 Dec. Can he please give me a call back? Please PM for my call back information. So apple is telling me I have to pay 150 to get my phone fixed that they screwed up to begin with their saying it’s not a software issue but a hard ware issue after my phone was working just fine before the update now all of a sudden I need an antenna. launch the mid range/ low end version of macbook 12′, 13′ juz like how you launch the ipads and iphones recently. The things is that it is pretty too expensive to us on all new macbook models.

Had I known that an order in Germany would be shipped from China, I would never have ordered a Macbook for 4000 Euro from the Apple store. At the moment, the package is lying somewhere in Korea since two days with the status message that the goods cannot be loaded into the plane. Of course Apple has already deducted the money.

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