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Fourteen cases have been diagnosed in the United States, in addition to 39 cases among repatriated persons from high-risk settings, for a current total of 53 cases within the United States. The U.S. government and public health partners are implementing aggressive measures to slow and contain transmission of COVID-19 in the United States. I grew up in Miami when the refugees came over because of Batista. I had a friend named Adriana and her family escaped but then Castro came into power it was so much worse. The Soviet Union is still very much embedded there.

It’s a disgrace to Mercedes ‘s Father. Only those who have suffered under Castro know the truth. We all should listen to their experiences and not believe the falsehoods being touted. Our children are being brainwashed by the UNIONS, and they own our schools. Get rid of the UNIONS. Make the teachers work year round on a wage just like any other government worker, and take our schools back.

He was a communists dictater, killed his people, keeping his people in poverty for years, oh an he taught kids to read, most have been a wonderful leader, burney is a communists plain an simple voting for his lies on free stuff, I see all the democraps with their hands out, nothing is free, grow up.

Since Bernie Sanders so adores the likes of Cuba, he should give his wealth and 3 mansions, to We The People and then go ahead and retire in Cuba! Just like all regimes, there were some good things Castro did. One of them was eliminating illiteracy, a program that might have been helpful to you (hint, hint). Another thing was the education of doctors. Cuba has done very well at that.
On the other hand, I hear you praising North Korea’s leader (a communist), Saudi Arabia’s leader (a maniacal head chopper), and so on.

We all need to remember why Bernie thinks Communism is so great because it appeals to someone that never worked for a living, the idea of everyone being on equal ground so that the government takes from working people to give to those that don’t or won’t work. This man has never worked a productive job in his life and has taken from the system to do little and enrich himself to the max. My friends comments from their country,, where they had government control health care. If a person has a cold they get treated. If they have a serious costly case. The government gives pain medicine. If you can’t afford to pay for operations, you die but you do have the pain medicine until then.

Why people are clouded and can not handle the fact that the Democrats are truly slapping the face of Americans and thinking that they can take over the rights and freedom that this country stands for is crazy to me. I feel like I am watching a shitshow It is completely disrespectful to everyone

our Canadian Prime Minister praised Fidel as a benefactor of his country. Of course, it’s not surprising since Pierre and Margaret Trudeau were friends of the dictator. That might also explain why the younger Trudeau admires China’s government “because they can get things done”. Without opposition.

You’re DHS Secretary Chad Wolf whom you picked doesn’t have a clue as to how many Coronavirus cases are in the US . He represents the discourse and utter hypocrisy promote. Resign.

Bernie wants to do all this changes now when his been in government for 70 yrs jk ok but half of his life n never done a damn thing to help the people just himself. His a millionaire cuzz of us tax payers.

That should be enough to stop any American from voting for the old fool. Next he’ll be telling everyone how wonderfully the Venezuela socialist regime is doing. And about those Cuban doctors: a whole whack of them were sent to South Africa and it didn’t take long before they and their patients were complaining, so that wasn’t a roaring success. Neither was the recent ‘mass training’ of South Africans in Cuba.

I live in has valued this VETERANS 1991 manufactured/mobile home at $150,000 before depreciation, over $100,000 after depreciation, but I can buy a brand new one, slightly larger, fully upgraded and have it installed on my property for $6…See More

People have get over the cry baby sydrom. We a very good leader, a out spoken person. We should proud to have Mr. Trump in office you have uncle Sam. I have uncle Donnie. Go get them Donnie

this is what Bernie Sanders want to bring into our country he don’t care nothing about the American people only thing he cares about its power destruction

Amazing how completely tone deaf Democrats have become: 1. Raising taxes is good. 2. Illegal immigration is good. 3. Socialism is good. 4. Denying rights, flouting the law, and violating the Constitution is ok. 5. Race baiting is a useful tool.

We don’t have to worry about Bernie because we know President Trump is going to win another four years. His following is phenomenal!