How To Change Car Tyre At Roadside When You Are Alone

They are fixing the election this year and I am telling there will be war if your not reelected the people spoken before and we are going to again keep up the great work

Senator Sanders denounced the foreign intervention in our democracy while you have openly embraced it for your own personal gain.

I live in bilxoi mississippi and we just went to mardi gras parade ive been going to for 30 years and ive never ever seen a presidential flag flown at any of them! This year trump flags were flying as far as you could see all the vendors were selling them!!! Had to buy me one! Keep America Great 2020!!

You are lost and blind, Trump. You are fueled by hate. You side with evil. I pray you are helped in November with a stunning defeat.

“Where are the political adults in the Republican party? Graham & McConnell are not adults, they’re scared political offspring of Donald Trump. They cower like children cower when an abusive parent is nearby. Who in the party is still capable of honor, integrity and patriotism?”

I’m still wondering why they briefed his campaign and both the President! And why they didn’t brief Donald Trump when he was running

the difference being that Bernie didn’t have his son and his felon lawyer meet with the Russians to invite them to provide dirt and interference, did he Donny?

I see that Biden is now claiming “The Russians are sabotaging my campaign because they dont want me in the White House”. I near pissed my pant laughing when I read that and saw he was trying to float that as the reason why he is tanking so bad.
Bernie and Joe are two important Candidates. I think they care about the Poor and that is what makes them very important. I wonder who will win over the ather.I think they are also both of them Lawyers. Lawyers ussually are well Educated. He doesn’t read your replies. But they do get fed into their god-mind (technological singularity) programmed with the sum total of all human knowledge along with a Talmudic consciousness.

There is no Russian influence in our elections people! It’s all a hoax! The democrats need excuses for losing 2016 and everything they’ve tried to pin on Trump so they claim Russian influence.

Maybe you should pardon another CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT and then talk about the DEMOCRATS! What an unstable mind! Which way is the wind blowing today?
could it be he was the recipient of nervous Biden supporters after the Trump rumors about fake Ukrainian involvement of the Bidens? kinda reminds me of the endless suggestions that Hillary was a crook. Bravo however we need Justice & people to pay for trying to over throw our duly elected Prez. This cannot be allowed in America. It shouldn’t be allowed in any country but we only can voice our wrath in our own country.
I hope Mr Durham & AG Barr know how critical it is to re-establish trust & the steadfast belief in “Equal Justice Under our Laws!” for all Americans!

Haven’t they wasted enough money already President Trump you got to get them out of there California is a disgrace but that’s okay because the movie stars and everybody is behind walls so you’re not worried about the rest of the people there I wonder why there should have yours a lot of drugs going around so they’re not blaming it on people not having jobs and places to live the blame it on the drugs bunch This election will be the biggest joke on the democrat side ever,if,someone is stupid enough to vote for any candidate in their party.

Democrat will not have other choice to give their vote to Barnie..they hate the president that much they will anything in power to remove him from office and the only chance they have is Crazy Barnie.

It’s such bullshit that’s been stuffed down all our throats and I don’t understand how they keep getting away with it !

Shift shift will get to the bottom the of Russia Russia Russia.And besides it not Russia that is interfering in are elections it is the do nothing Democratic Party that is interfering in are elections. Because they do not have an electable candidate that can beat Trump.

I doubt if the democranks would pay enough to get to the bottom of anything. It seems all they want to do is take: take away our freedoms; take away our earnings with taxes; take away our choices and give them to the “elite”; take away our opportunities; take away our businesses through taxes and regulations.

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