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All I can say is thank God for the response in voters for 16. And the best yet to come! Trump 2020 keep America great. The best economy ever! And pro life. Save the baby’s.

doesn’t he have security clearance HE needs to have it revoked if he does and need to be impeached give him a taste of his own bull shiff

Then do something about it! Americans are waiting! everyone is all talk and no action and that is a huge disappointment!

This would be a dream come true. If the President would approach shifty with the Captal Police behind him and he says “Shiff YOUR FIRED”

They are far more experienced than you. They wanted you to shut up and do proper way! Barr asked u to zip up but no… oh you had to destroy honest staffs just like anyone. I suggest you to change. Maybe you would be surprised if you want to be better person.

He has already been caught but like all other Democrats, no consequences. He read a false narrative into an official record by misconstruing the Trump/Zelensky phone call.

My friend’s idea is that Barr and other man (can’t remember his name) will reveal all the evil people after the election…praying this is so.

what they did to try to frame you was an injustice and quite illegal. They need to pay in a big way fir what they are still doing.

what are you going to do about affordable healthcare. Alot of people are worried that is why the are voting for Bernie. Do something.

The investigated needs to become the investigator in chief. Get’em President Trump . Don’t let them railroad Bernie. Let the people decide not the deep state. We the people not we the government!

Bernie is a socialist which will lead to communist which we do not want in the United States of America wake up folks

Blatant corruption from our elected officials can not be tolerated! There should not be a double standard between me and him!!

Revoke Schiff’s security clearance until he proves he is not a leaker. Is that how they do it, “guilty until you prove your own innocence” ?

the love of God I hope laws are passed soon that hold corrupt congressmen and women accountable for perjury while in office. It is disgraceful that they can currently spin any false narrative without ANY consequences!!!

Great men like you Sir must face such low less oppression from the faded opposition party but surely you always comes out of them all stronger and better. Keep the awesome work going. Their feeble noise making and/or distractions won’t shake you.

He has been leaking from the time you became President. He is also such a liar. Hope he is caught.

I sure wish every president loved America, God, and, Vets as much as you do. It is your job to fight for Americans and that’s what your doing we love you for it

I don’t know how you can get so many things done with all the crap they are pulling on you. you are a very strong man your parents would be so proud of you we all love you and your family.
Congratulations to your foes, ultimately the party of better love and race relations runs through this White House. People of all types are getting a chance at this life thanks to President Trump! Peace to all on the last Sunday of Black History Month.

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