Lamborghini and bugatti is always more expensive than others

It doesn’t matter which one gets the Democratic nomination they won’t ever be President. Your Patriots have your back and we are stronger everyday!

What I don’t understand is how supposedly educated elitists continue to gravitate to socialism even when it’s gutted every country it’s taken over.

I was going to “like” this post. I agree with everything you said, but there is no way I will be happy that so many people are willing to put a socialist in the White House! Bernie will ruin this country. Trump 2020!

Can we even begin to imagine a debate between our president and this Socialist hopeful? I don’t think Bernie’s heart could stand up to the chore.

Well thats the first almost nice thing i think ive ever heard from you…well done, mr. President. With this kind of attitude, you could actually get re-elected… 🤔

Trump is winning in a landslide. He’s got much more support now than he did when he won. Think about all the people who fell for the propaganda that he didn’t have a chance and didn’t vote. Now, hes actually done well with the economy. The country loves Donald Trump regardless of what the propagandists say

He won’t make the General if he doesn’t calm down and quit being so angry ALL the time. I predict he gives himself another heart attack before November.

That is a very gracious statement Mr President. But, Trump 2020. Dont underestimate or take for granite his agenda. He is in the Dem lead because voters believe his socialist/communist rhetoric.

Not even Bernie has a chance he’s too crazy with his arms and pointing at everybody like a psycho too much pressure for his heart thank God we won’t have to worry about that Trump 2020

I heard people saying he is not perfect but he the image of perfection in every step he is taking. He knows Americans will never accept a…See More

Why are my tax dollars being used to enrich Bernie and his wife? I don’t support him. In fact, I completely disagree with him entirely because he’s a fraud. Yet, we’re bankrolling him millions in campaign money. Why hasn’t the SEC done their job and stepped in to put a stop to this?

The reason young people are voting for Bernie because he says everything will be free. Those people will be shocked when they get their paycheck.

After last election, it’s fair to say Nevada is no longer a “purple” state. After a HUGE influx of Californians in Washoe and Clark counties, it’s officially blue, which is a huge reason why I left. 2 counties should not get to make decisions for the entire state. Geographically, Nevada is largely Republican, but the population has become so dense in 2 small areas that it’s become completely lopsided.

I can tell you that Bernie is only popular in the southern end of the state…in the Northern end, it is Trump all the way…also, turnout in my county for Dems, was poor….you sir, only lost by a slim margin here in 2016…Las Vegas, and Clarke county are the problem…a lot of far left wacky Californians moving in…I am really hoping you can flip Nevada red this time…PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!!!!

Extinguishing the “Bern” wont be an easy task in November because our youth of today are getting promised a lot of free stuff. Specially free college and student loan debt relief.

Bernie wouldn’t even stand up for himself against killary yet people think that he’ll stand up for them as president. If he wont speak up for himself then he certainly doesn’t care about the people.

Mr.President if it’s between u and the Commie you will win forty-nine states and the House. Will be a complete lame stream media Democratic implosion nervous breakdown. Sounds good to me.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Trump will run thousands of ads stating Democrats are taking away your private health insurance!! Healthcare has always been a winning issue for Democrats but not anymore

Dude they are all loony this is no lie they are fricken all Loony Mickey Minnie Goofey and sleepy too !!! this is insane for real this is so weird never in my wildest dreams would i imagine this in a life time like Haley’s Comet lol !! Loony Tunes !! Trump 2020!!

you should be congratulated for your fairness in politics! God bless our president Trump. You are a good man! Just wants what is right. Win or lose! So rare!

All liberals states are as stupid as they sound & look…stop going against our country & our President..we haven’t seen /heard so much good in AMERICA fir a long…long time!!

Can not wait for the debate. LOL get the popcorn ready. Bern stated “Trump would chew Mike up and spit him out”. Just wait…once you get on stage Bernie, you can tell all of American your accomplishments , all you have done for the American people since being in politics most all your life..( LOL) Not going to happen. Talk about “chewed up and spit out”..its coming.!! Trump 2020 …with a landslide !!

Grow up and refer to people by their real names, you personally want respect with people calling you Mr. President, then give respect in return. It’s not that hard, it’s a lesson most people learned from their parents at an age of 3.

It, doesn’t at all matter if Bernie won in Nevada at all! The point is that Bernie doesn’t have a prayer “in hell” of ever being elected US President! And, you can take that to the freaking bank! Go fish Bernie!😂🤣😂

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