Maruti Suzuki Launches S-Presso But Swift Is All Time Hit

There’s a nice big new generation of progressives and they aren’t republicans. Prediction: Even if Trump wins in 2020 and does his 2nd term.-That’s it for the GOP, they know it too. Trump is probably going to be the last conservative in the WH for at least a while.

By every single measure possible: This is the safest, most prosperous, greatest time in America in the history of our country. Thank you President Trump and family! It’s like everyday is V-day: that Sailor kissing that gal on Broadway!

either republicans that has so much evidence against people like Clinton’s for decades and can’t bring a charge with all the republican cops , lawyers , judges , and prosicutors can’t bring a charge …. Is either the dumbest f##kers on Earth or it’s just all bullshit lies …. I pick #2

No matter whatever the Democrats have planned against The Republican votes, conspiring with some companies to dupe The Republican Party can not stand in Jesus Christ name, Amen

Can you share some specific data that confirms that they’re switching parties “in droves”? Because that just sounds categorically untrue. And I’m sure you wouldn’t make up anything like that, would you Donald?

I suppose if you want to be on the fast track to prison, then go right ahead. You’ll meet all the great republicans: Michael Flynn, Roger Stone..

I am not leaving, because I love my freedom and don’t love the idea of cutting social programs and somehow still tunneling us Into debt. A 1 trillion dollars deficit this year is not good for America

Well, it’s the other way around. People see what’s going on in the corrupt Republican party. You don’t agree – you are losing your job. Nobody will switch to the party of cowards.

For anyone who reads this and is skeptical, consider that in Wisconsin’s 2018 elections, Republicans lost the popular vote 45% to 53%, a significant margin. But due to gerrymandering, they were awarded 63 seats to Democrats’ 36, nearly twice as many se…

Our President know how is happening in our world. And set the great plans for our people and our country.
If we want live under hopeful, prosperous and healthy life, choose him and Republican 2020.

For your strong decisive leadership, and putting America first! Prayers for you, your family, your team and America. Best president in my life-time.

The confirmation of judges has nothing to do with you and everything to do with McConnell pushing through as many nominations as possible, as quickly as possible, because he knows you’ll not be re-elected. You’ll be known as the Impeached, one term president.

A record amount of judges because Moscow mitch and the republicans blocked a record amount of judges from the prior administration. Also you have put in a record amount of judges with no experience, and a record amount of judges the American Bar Association says have no business being a judge.

At this point, Mr. Trump’s approval rating should be 100 percent amongst Republicans and at least 60 percent nationwide he was chosen by our good,and ever faithful God, like me, I have been praying for peace,and abortions stop,and that pray be put. back in school,and not to let God be taken out of our country,those don’t believe in God move to

I look forward to the next 5 years and possibly the next eight years beyond that was vice president Pence running in your place when you are done in office

I don’t know why people think that our POTUS is going to have trouble with the re-election in 2020 nobody is going to even come close to Trump. He has done a very good job for our country. Thank you and your family President Trump.❤️🇱🇷

it’s gonna take a long time for the country to recover from the damage that you are inflicting. Somehow, Mr. President, when you say “thank you,“ it actually sounds like you’re saying “you’re welcome.“ The toxic narcissism oozes out of everything you do and
say. Appointing the 2 supreme justices is such a big move and they are young also. Going to be conservative for so many years. Trump got it done where it counted the most.
People who do not appreciate and understand your common man communication style, and your copious volume of communications, are severely brain washed and probably mentally and emotionally disturbed. They are conflicted by a president who actually cares…

Can you imagine what he could’ve accomplished if the Democrats didn’t fight against everything President Trump tries to do for America!

Continued prayer that God will give you focus and direction to lead this country toward Him and take down the evil forces against all that is good.
I believe President Trump will win the 2020 presidential election in a landslide…but we can’t get over confident….we have to continue to campaign for and openly support President Trump. I think…my personal opinion…that the Dems were so confident in 2016 Trump wouldn’t/couldn’t win that they just “coasted” to defeat. We CAN’T get that complacent and assume a victory. WE MUST CONTINUE TO CAMPAIGN OR, WORK HARD FOR and CONTINUALLY ENCOURAGE conservatives to get out and VOTE. ALWAYS REMEMBER…REPUBLICANS WHO DON’T VOTE ELECT DEMOCRATS!!! I will continue to copy and paste this post often….and ask and encourage that you do so as well…
think about those in a nursing homes who do not have any benefits because lack of funds. Those who need PT just to help the blood flow in their legs.. even if its allowed by a volunteer. Mitch McConnell denying the Obama administration its rightful appointments of judges allowed you to achieve these “records”. Shameful.
I wish someone would look into chase banks they have hurt millions of people in the last 15 years and there still doing it if this hasn’t happen to you do not reply and yes 2020 for trump

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