Mechanical engineering is the father of car engine

I will post proudly I am one of of his biggest fans. I just hope one day my family and I can meet him in person what a gift that would be. Especially with my husband being in the Air Force we see first hand how much he is really helping this country 😊

President Trump we need your help in Winnemucca Nevada, we are recalling our sheriff & we are running into nepotism, stone walling & intimidation, thank you for all you have done, please help!

Saw your rally today, it’s a shame it’s not played anywhere. One America news had it on. Mike Pence is such a great VP who mostly stays out of the spotlight, but knows who you really are. After all the hate you’ve had to deal with it’s amazing you’ve done what you’ve done. You truly are the best president I’ve ever seen. Trump 2020.

This is real news. His billboards are dry and stupid…and he’s tweeting in Russian about Bernie Sanders now. Is this to boost his social media platform? And what does that even get him? Bloomberg works for one purpose and one purpose only…Global control of USA. Just like the 4 Presidents before you. Wake up America! We are not a corporation anymore! Let’s go 🇺🇸 KAG

Image how much could be done if (when) this incredible President holds office and the Republicans hold both the house and the senate? …. that would (will) be staggering.

I love that fact that about 90% of the comments are AGAINST Trump. Haha. He probably never reads a thing, he just looks to see how many followers he has. He doesn’t realize the majority are following to voice their DISAPPROVAL of Trump. 😂😂😂😂😂

The heck i care about memes! All i care about is the russain puppet to do his job! Not to jeopardise our nation with one of your sycophants(a yes man) with no experience in national security! Are you kidding me!

I don’t understand the many of his ‘base’ who contribute their last $20 to a billionaire…..

Thanks to promises made promises kept, and the best is yet to come! And friends in high places +++ of course. 😉 Say Hi to IKAI next time you see him.

“When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security — then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil.”

I’m so glad to be on the side with the epic sense of humor! Impeachment was a total bust, and now we’re going to ride this wave to re-election.

If one didn’t know better you might think that this is the only clown in the circus 🎪 in Oklahoma. That’s because no one else can get air time Comrade Mikey bought all the air time. Too bad, more dems should be allowed to waste their money 💰 in Oklahoma.

It was not a good thing that, against your will and against your primary decision, 14 infected people were flown into the USA. This contradicts all common sense, a normal state of mind would have been enough for that. This was not only against the Press.
His ads are a waste of money. We’ve already seen that you’re for American’s first. No reason to change my mind to vote for a lib or billionaire that’s out of touch.

I see all Mini Mike’s paid protesters are spilling your posts with lies and no proof of anything they say. Keep up the good work. Make him spend all that money. He’s desperate.

You’re also paying zero dollars to these venues you rant at. Trumpettes are all YAY!!! Except they are the ones paying your bills.

Trump has pays offs and non disclosure agreements to cover what he did …. Im no Bloomberg supporter but my hat off to him to say he would release those he had a NONDISCLOSURE agreement with.

The best campaign notirioty for Trump is the Dems all they do is talk about him they keep his name in the spot light. And of course when the Dems talk they just shoot themselves in the foot

Bloomberg will end up spending more than a $1B,buying the nomination to the Demoncraps,but still gonna lose in a landslide in november against Pres.Trump..

they’re still hooked on The Clown Show. Always dissing someone better than he’ll ever be. Rules by Revenge, Intimidation and Lies.

My question was and continues to be who precisely do they think they are “influencing”? Who for real follows “influencers” on social media; who is swayed by memes?

Bloomberg what a disgrace he has to pay his way in ..I never liked him he was a lousy Mayor & took all credit for 9 /11 Rudy was the one ..And yes you have your Supporters & Army of them ..We are Waiting for the best is Yet to Come.

I tried to tell everyone that the democrats will be coming for Bernie too. Mini Mike doesn’t need ruining because he’s already doing it to himself lol. Ok back to Bernie. Welcome to the Russian Hoax. Apparently Russia is going to help u with the 2020elections. You have some explaining to do crazy Bernie This is actually helping President Trump. Ppl can see now how bogus it all is.

Does anyone really want more years of Trump telling people it’s okay to bully people? Nah. It’s time for a change

Democrats should welcome Russian interference. They’re all communists themselves.

American Taxpayers are footing the bill for this sociopath to do nothing but take credit for the economics wave started by previous administration, tweet, play golf at his own properties which means tax payers pay him, pardon criminal buddies, and hold rallies that cost Americans Millions for every one.

Meanwhile, big-tech removed all Trumps media influencers/supporters and banned thousands of accounts over the last 3 years and he did nothing about it.

We say no to Russia interference in this election, Bernie Sanders is not going to win, the sign and symptoms is already exposed, stop, stop Russia stop.

The Democrats, which sadly includes the MSM and many Obama holdovers in IC, DOJ & FBI, spread their Russian lies about anyone that they don’t control.
It’s the whip they used to cripple campaigns.

Our ABC agencies along with Congress have become a joke. Damage is irreparable. We used to believe/trust/respect them. WMD in Iraq as the start of the end. Now if anyone of them makes a claim, our default position is to laugh then tell them to sh…See More

The way russia story is being told I wonder who is fooling who in interferance by Russia.

Bernie Sanders is colluding with the Russians. We need to immediately appoint a special counsel. 🇺🇸

What is wrong with people who want Sanders for President? They must not love their freedom of eating, sleeping, driving their own vehicle, paying their bills, having proper medical care, and living the American Dream! I just don’t understand!
Please President win for another term!

President Trump made 56 false claims last week — repeating one of his conspiracy theories about the 2016 election, promoting new fiction about impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and inflating his accomplishments and his standing in the polls

Veterans should hate you for stealing away their funds for your stupid vanity wall. None should give you one vote. If you could stop calling names, you would be able to,act like an adult. As it is you are a petulant childlike figure.

No socialism, please America. Be Care-full. Just Mr Trump can make America great again. His compromise is with American people. We must vote for him to save our great country

We already did….and will again in November….God is with you President Trump….nothing is bigger than God….keep your trust in Him….He will not let this corruption continue…..we the people are with you

So that would be the Democrats interfering in the 2020 election not the Republicans. Democrats sure know how to lie out their butt. Only when we stop having career politicians will things get fixed. Trump 2020!

Yes wake up all Democrats you’re in a losing party the party of evil communism come join us on the Trump train you would be treated very well everyone’s welcome who loves freedom.

Trump-people r sick of your lying and bullshit—as far as the stock market goes you made a heep of money for your rich friends by running up the deficit for my grandchildren as far as the 401K’s goes,,,it is just a # on a slot machine unless.
I dont care how rich Donald Trump nor do I feel any need to see/know about his tax returns. I am convinced he earned his money, unlike people like Schumer and Pelosi who stole their money off the backs of taxpayers and Joe Biden with kickbacks from Ukraine and dirty China deals. Go Trump 2020!

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