More than 60 percent of people of Poland use cycle for transport

Why are they interfering with our internal affairs? Anyway they can continue preferring him, but we the people will make that decision in November! Your impressive track record is unshakable.

if Bernie is nominated for the Democratic Party due to the fact that there’s even a minute possibility since he’ll be the nominee. Couple that with the fact that there are a bunch of book smart fools out there these days who have no idea how much a disgrace Bernie would be. Fools hear “free school free medical free lunch” Mice just can’t understand why the cheese is free until it’s too late.

I figured this yesterday That The Kremlin wants Bernie Sanders to win And They are Just talking about today Because if you think about it ,China, Russia has big Political interests in Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, And everywhere Where People support a Socialist sistem, From now on People need to Support President Trump And Michael Bloomberg For the final Challenge to the white house in November

If Bernie gets the nod then as long as the Republicans show up to the poll Trump gets reelected. Bernie will lose a lot of the independents and a lot of Demorats will stay home.

growing up as a kid I would have never thought in a million year’s that a socialist/communist would have a snowball’s chance in hell of being President of the United States, but yet the democratic frontrunner is Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately these are very disturbing times that we find ourselves in. VOTE TRUMP 202O

the Russians are supporting Sanders’s bid for the Democratic Nomination because they believe he will be the easiest to defeat by using verbiage such as “Communism” and “Socialism”. Again using fear tactics to win the election. Sanders is not a Communist. President Trump, you know what the Russians are doing.

I will say ya notice ol colonal bernie sanders is the only democrat with no scandal or political bullshit behind him, the only thing trumps brought out against big bad bern is hes crazy

Has anyone picked up on this! There seems to be a lot of people from foreign countries, siding with Bernie Sanders, commenting on United States presidential candidates, and bad mouthing President Trump; as if their United States citizens!

I’ve been a registered Democrat for 45 years I voted for you this time and I will vote for you again. You can do no wrong in my book. Mr. Trump you are awesome. the Democratic party is just shot themselves in the foot. You are an absolutely shoe in. I’m a 65 year old retired. You’ve made me so much money keep up with the good work. You are awesome.

I cant imagine anyone voting for the Burn. He lived off of women for years has illegitimate children and hasn’t accomplished anything noteworthy. The free cheese is in the mouse trap comes with a price!

The only fear we should have is Republicans and conservatives not showing up to vote!!! Trump will win 2020 but that only buys us another 4 years. From the looks of things, the democrats are becoming more communist by the day. We need to take back the house and keep the senate and re-elect DJT.

Bernie Sanders is running on the FREE narrative. Free college, Free healthcare and people done understand free doesn’t exist.
Where does the money come from for all this FREE stuff? Take a guess. Would you believe from you and me? It’s a no brainer. Bernie forgot to tell you that he’s going to raise our taxes extremely to afford all this free stuff. So all this free stuff? Not free at all. This is called SOCIALISM.

We don’t want a Venezuela here. There seems to be a foreign element here who relishes our destruction. But they don’t understand the heart of Americans. We would fight to the death for freedom. Freedom of our own decisions for our health. Freedom to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. Freedom of commerce. Freedom of educational choices. No socialism. No communism. Freedom.

Bernie REALLY wants to ban fracking, and banning fracking would be the biggest gift anyone ever gave Russia. Of course they like Bernie.

Seems odd that Putin would support Trump when he has a ready made Putin Jr in Sanders, an open communist, who has his honeymoon in Moscow.

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