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How I wished I am a citizen of America… you gat my vote 100%. You actually know what it means to lead and rule people. My the God of all flesh continue to direct you in all you do. Amen Biafrans loves you remain blessed.

Loved by many, envied by few. You are the best man for the job! I will change my profile picture to this until that leap day. I wish you the best Mr President.

“It’s not that we as Americans are associated with the Trump administration’s judicial appointments or its advocacy of life, family, and religious liberty. We are happy to celebrate the positive things the administration has accomplished.

I hope everyone learns what it’s like to love the flag and for what it stands for in America because everyone here EVERY American deserves the same rights as everyone else as long as they are truly an American citizen! That includes ALL of us who are legally here.

This looks just like the picture I saw of Obama hanging onto the American flag….oh my bad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of that man even acknowledging our flag! We love you DJT!

the sore loser Libs love to make fun of this photo of you hugging our flag…but that’s just how they are, they have nothing else to offer, so they demean everything you do. We appreciate you & thank you….Keep America Great – Trump 2020! 🇺🇸

Stop the war on pain patients. Drs are cutting back on pain medicine to protect themselves from the DEA. People are suffering. People are killing themselves. This is America. Help these people.

i am from Hong Kong and just started watching “designated survivor”. how do American think about the TV drama? eg., an Independent as American President..? seldom happens ,..

I was at CPAC in 2016 when you wisely didn’t show. The Pub-swamp was laying a trap for you. Kellyanne was stumpin’ heavy for Cruz. How times have changed!

People can’t handle a back bone! His accomplishments intimidate I am proud of a President who didn’t need this job and is helping to keep America great and Greater! Thank you Trump! God, Country, Trump and Pence 🇺🇸

I would like all followers of US President Donald Trump to speak with him in order to save the lives of civilians and children living in Idlib because we are being subjected to the most horrific instrument of war and destruction led by Bashar Al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies in Syria.
Please, help the civilians in the city of Idlib, Syria

It doesn’t matter how God can do it for those who diligently seek his presence such is the case of our dear world President Donald J Trump. God used Democrats to give you battle free 2020 Victory

Tell you a short story. In the Navy, out at Sea, especially at night, it was very comforting to hear the sound of our Flag flapping in the wind. Then when she was right next to you as an Aft lookout? She’d rest herself on your shoulder. I kid you not, …

Where are the political adults in the Republican party? Graham & McConnell are not adults, they’re scared political offspring of Donald Trump. They cower like children cower when an abusive parent is nearby. Who in the party is still capable of honor, integrity and patriotism?”

This is all a show he hugs the flag but is taking away well earned benefits from Americans, and is destroying our justice system and our democracy

Did anyone notice how the Democrats did NOT have 1 American flag when they had the debate? How un-American. Still voting for President Trump.

It’s sad, he’s the only President to be proud of the American flag. You have no business in the White House otherwise and the people voting for them are worst.

I work in a prison and they are a revolving door partly because the mental health services are so bad there, no faith based drug rehabilitation programs and there is no job training. They are not required to work, get free health care, free food and c…

there will be less repeat offenders…Bernie wants to let prisoners vote, he doesn’t realize that most prisoners will probably will vote TRUMP! I also Love hearing the new statistic about.

People shouldn’t be penalized for life after they’ve severed the time/paid their debt to society either. You shouldn’t have to be a felon forever. It’s hard to acclimate after prison, you shouldn’t have that hanging over your head too.

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