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I know I dont want to live like that..but that just me I guess. The Trump haters have so much hate in them that they would vote in a President that would love to take our freedoms our rights our country from us. Blinded buy fake news and the lies.…See More

the entire length of regime Castro’s regime WAS NOT praised, it was a small mention of an action that castro took that actually benefited the people of Cuba. the only thing that donnie dunce can do to benefit the people of this country would be to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

For the cigar trade. Like the Republicans, focus on the Middle East. For Oil !!! The military invasion of George W. Bush and the occupation of Iraq.

Pride in Islam is a religious concept, which the Muslim holds in his heart, and he inherits it from generation to generation. It is rooted in the heart of a Muslim, deeply rooted in his nature, and this stems from a belief and faith, and he believes th…See More

I’m a supporter of the president, but this is an example of fake news. That’s not what happened at all BS is clearly comunist not anything else everyone try to describe him. Escaped from comunist regime I can smell the stench of communism in his face, heart and what he represents

Absolutely God bless you for standing up ! So true ! Those that live in that time all know this! When will “”WE the Seniors People”” get a chance to take advantage of this American Posterity that the rest of America is experiencing, thanks to you, President Trump? When will Seniors and SS Recipients be taken off of the Consumer…See More

So you can’t support Cuba, but you can support Saudi Arabia where rape is legal and an American journalist was killed without repercussion not to mention SA being a huge exporter of Islamic Fundementalism? The Coronavirus’s spread, out of China into South Korea, Iran, means we’ve entered a new phase of GLOBALIZATION. We cannot allow GREEDY firms to sell off our nation’s supply chains in medicine (80% of antibiotics sold in USA are produced in china) for cheap labor. Sure Castro killed scores of people, imprisoned others, subjugated the Cuban people to his will, committed other atrocities…..but, hey, he raised the literacy rate. Give me a frigging break.

The love and respect shown to us by America in India is just awesome and wonderful! Won’t forget this experience ever! Once in a life time experience with a hope and desire to never ending bonding between USA & india! God bless mr president.
What is happening to our nation? We need a spiritual revival; we need God to help America Castro and his regime have been horrible and evil. Bernie and Obama are wrong and need to be continuously call out on this.

coming from Trump the Stump who praises Putin, Kim Jung , Saudi prince and Duarte is fricken hilarious. Fox News for always telling the truth about everything. Modest Don, you are the supreme leader.

Y’all out there acting like trump isn’t trying to Fidel us into despair, only to name himself president forever! Bernie is a Communist/Marxist that thinks FREE for all, with 90% taxation is a good thing. And the media does NOT challenge his crazy statements and beliefs.

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People grab at any snippet these days. Stop it. Both against the President, and against other people. It’s Pure Idiocracy and manipulation.

A bunch of car collectors wanted the door opened to Cuba so they could get the cubans cars, but most cubans said they do not want the new cars they are junk.

All i know the former President and the former first lady party their ass off in cuban..Show the clip please..They had a ball…

How about they SHIP this ass to Cuba an not let him BACK, not EVER. If Cuba is so DAMN great then get the HELL out of our COUNTRY an go mess them up worse than they are.

Sanders is another senile Old Man that should be in a Home instead of trying to run for President. Along with Biden and for God sakes Warren in chairs next to him. An Bloomberg is right down the hall!! They could all debate over what is for lunch today!!

Fasten your seatbelts tonight as Trump bull dozes his way around the status of coronavirus and our preparedness against it. What are the odds he will note that he cut budget for CDC to benefit his wall funding? Not! This is precisely the kind of situation for which Trump has no authenticity or authority whatsoever: He’s lied so often there is no reason to think he will speak truth; with no respect for science, he will neither grasp nor seek understanding of what’s going on; he probably won’t trust experts that contradict his perfect view; this will probably be strictly an economic issue as it effects the DOW, not human beings. [Remember how long it took Regan to acknowledge HIV? Not until his buddy Rock Hudson succumbed, did Regan face truth. Trump will be equally blind, or worse.] OK, Trumpsters, post your nonsense in his defense…but you might want to run out and buy a face mask first. They will be in short supply.

little donnie is in love with Kim Jong-un. Neither Biden nor Sanders praised the regime. This is typical fake news coming from Fox News.

Industries in Bamberg South Caorolina closed the doors after 57 years in operations. Please address them. I know some that have been there for 26 years. They believe in you as their president. Please address this closing. They have it printed in the local paper that Kenny Bamberg the Mayor says it Trump’s fault because of.the new tariffs. I cant convince my friends any different. Please address this closure.

Nothing of value comes for free without paying for it one way or another. Forcing PETER to PAY PAUL is not the answer!
If you believe you’re eligible for FREEBIES, Join a Church and ask for Charity. Forcing others who pay taxes for mandated services especially if you’re undeserving, is a form of theft and slavery!

The Democratic Party is mis-named. It should, now, be called the CommieCrats. They’ve lost all rationale, and are in, complete, disarray!

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trump had the top scientists fired at the CDC and now the hacks who replaced them dont know what to do about the corona virus. trump is a danger to us all. he only cares about the stock market.

How has Castro’s education program and health programs changed to better the Cuban people? (That’s it… that’s all) nothing else…

you praised Kim Jong Un AND Vladmir Putin multiple times. Sanders was in the wrong, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

go to Miami, “Little Havana”, tell the Cubans living there that they made a mistake and they should have stayed in Cuba, see how many votes you get!….smh

you are the one working with the Russians? No WAY would I vote for ANY DEMOCRAT 2020 – these people have abandoned American for the rights of others who don’t pay taxes or work in Our Country.

USA should stop bullying Cuba…’s unbecoming of such a great nation…..instead Cuba should become a marketplace for made-in-USA especially for used machinery!

I am not a Bernie fan but he was simply staring a fact. The Cuban regime is an authoritarian one and he said he don’t support that but not all has been bad and he sited then literacy which is absolutely true . The truth is the truth !

This goes for all people that fled their countries ( Russia and Eastern Block) because it’s obvious what the young people are being taught and now hearing this rhetoric from politicians.

can you comprehend the idea that a bad government could do something good? Like for example, your government. You are an incompetent president and your policies are a disaster for this country, and yet the US Mail is still running–a good thing.

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“There’s no doubt Donald Trump loves power, and he regularly praises men who use their power to run a country in ways that support their own interests, rather than those of the people. Even when these leaders openly mock him, or make a mockery of him through their actions (h…See More

That’s right Mr. President, President Obama took the steps to bring Cuba back into the Open World. This is what a Real Leader Does. No Coup is needed when the People see what Freedom feels like when the World invites them back. RESIGN 🤡!!!😎

Why not focus on your own revolving door administration and running the country instead of investing all of your time in campaigning.

There’s no defending those comments. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. That was NOT a great literacy program period.

How many have praised Russia just within the last year? It’s swamp creature and Putin’s puppet, Donald Trump. Please Report ALL the news. And quit spreading propaganda 😡

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