Scooter is always gives better facilities than motorcycle

There’s probably more people in line to use the bathroom at a Trump rally, than total votes for Bernie Sanders in Nevada! A little over 6000 at last count…….

Did you say Eastwood is a washed up actor simply bc he went with Bloomberg? If u did, you can say goodbye to a lot of supporters and potential supporters. I’m sick of defending your demeaning remarks. Let the left play n the gutter alone. You had this….this was so unnecessary, sir. I love you, but I’m furious with your trash talk.

Yep not much there to worry about just feeling sorry for the few that are struggling through the process! Sad for them but come on now let’s get real ! They are not what America needs or wants so I guess we plug through the process! Trump 2020 : )

Continue to be in prayer for our country, don’t underestimate the power of evil. Many are being persuaded by the idea of being taken care of by the government but it is a lie. These politicians are cleaver at making promises the have no intention of keeping.

Bernie (the crypt keeper) would be a horrible president. Never mind his politics. Who the hell wants an angry, shouting, old man like that in office for 4-8 years?! Brush your hair Bernie. Take time to smile. Get that scowl off your face. Jesus.

I’m wondering if Mini Mike will manage to sweep in ( with help from his so called friends ) because Killery is tapped as VP? Then the night of the inauguration he will be suicided

I admire his conviction, even though Mr. Sanders and his preteen sycophants are totally ignorant of how Communism (oh, sorry) “Democratic Socialism” has destroyed so many lives throughout human history.

I support President Trump and have since day one but I really do not think that Bloomberg did such a disastrous job at the debate. He was gentlemanly and never got angry. All the others, on the other hand, reminded me of vultures sitting on the fence.

Poor Crazy Bernie , will probably can get done Over by the Super delegates again. The name of his party is the biggest oxymoron in history. “As Americans, we should be frightened — deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation

It’s almost comical how much you let people live in your headspace. You’re such a pathetic and insecure man, one can only guess what you’re compensating for.

You’re so skilled, mr President at name calling! Wow, it really perpetuates the whole us vs. them thing. You’ve brought the art of sewing discord and division to new levels! So Proud!

Better than Crooked Donald Trump by a long ways….The very worse debates ever seen was the 2016 in which you participated Donald…your sarcasm and name calling was hardly acceptable….nothing about your policies but now after 3-1/2 years, nothing has changed….it is always about your lack of credibility and temper tantrums….will be so nice never to hear them ever again along with your obnoxious tweets….

would actually vote tompay 60.percent in income tax and 25 percent sales tax like Denmark does. Good ol socialism. Oh btw, Denmark’s healthcare system is going broke bernie. Not so good after all

I fully 100% support you … but I just saw that you support killing of thousands of wild horses….is this true?! You can’t!! You can’t do that to wild horses!! Please tell me it’s not true!

When Trump said he’d drain the swamp I never could’ve imagined just how bad it actually is. His greatest achievement I believe has been exposing the gunk at the bottom. And all of this is just what we know about. I can’t imagine how deep the rabbit hole might go
Seen you in Colorado! I served under Reagan who I thought was the greatest…until you! I wish I could serve under you, it really means something to be willing to lay down your life for someone, especially when they are willing to do the same. We pray for you everyday and I know you are in for 4 more years! I hope the swamp will be drained, but either way, we will pray for you and your family! Love you sir!!

don’t know if you see these comments. Just want to thank you to make this country that I love a better place for my family. Because of you I opened my eyes. I am proud to be a republican. I know all Americans are truly happy that you didn’t back down. God bless America and God bless president Trump..

We thank you Lord that red is the color of your blood,your blood cover this nation and thank God for Trump that will triumphantly cover every state in this country in RED God bless America Gods Grace is shed upon us.

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