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I respect everything you have done but stop with the petty name calling, it’s not helping the cause. They will ultimately screw it up just let them. Don’t be petty your bigger and better than this. (DEDICATED TRUMP VOTER) Frankly its a bit insulting that you think your voters are ok with this.

Can you even construct a sentence without calling people names?? I don’t think so. I know kindergarteners that have more maturity than you.

Bernie looks like he should be president of a workers union a def not if the USA and his wife would be amazing helping out @ a homeless shelter

This is ridiculous…Bernie had a recent heart attack…he is almost 80 years old with a heart condition…very ego-centric and selfish and ignorance of Dems to pick himself as a potential President…plus he is Anti-American in his economic philosophy…See More

I am going to say what so many others are thinking..they apparently had some more App troubles and switched to google or whatever. forgive me if I do not believe their voting polls…… In such a short time that is two times they had counting..issue…See More

I will now sound the alarm, you all Trumpers need to vote Trump this November 3rd. It’s a fight not just against a socialist/communist, it’s a fight against the very idea itself. It is destructive and runs very antithetical to growth. Kindly go out and vote and leave nothing to chance.

Mr president you sound scared! Are you feeling the heat? You were my man but you’ve been too inconsistent in your agenda . you say America first, you don’t want Africans coming to your country yet you are doing little or nothing to help Africans remain in their countries when they are being murdered in cold blood by authoritarian regimes. What have you done concerning the crisis in Cameroon?

Bernie will take a fat check from Bloomberg to step down just like he did from Clinton and trump will still win 2020

Honestly let’s face it he should just quit while he’s ahead he has a better chance of having another heart attack than betting you mr. President. 😆

It’s like watching a horror movie.. you know how it’s going to end but can’t stop watching. Bernie Sanders represents the end of the Democratic Party and the beginning of the Socialist/Communist party

If we learned anything about Bread Line Bernie, its not only will he LET them take it away from him, but he’ll also endorse the person who does. He has no spine.

Why must you be such a bully and spew hatred everytime you post? You’re supposed to be the President of the United States. Grow up and act like one. There are children watching you…

No matter who wins the nomination for the Democrats they will never beat you President Trump. You got the 2020 election

Heard a mini mike commercial on the radio turned around in north jersey and 4 of us conservatives chuckled for a moment. Meanwhile I’m wearing my amd rysen sweatshirt. I like bottom markets buy it up this corona isnt that bad yet! When nbc says buy do …See More

I am scared at the things Bernie Sanders just said. If this man wins and half (only half of he vc proposes passes), he will destroy this country!

would it be possible for you to talk about someone without the name calling and hatred you seem to love,,,,,no I don’t think you can,,,school kids act better than you 💩💩💩💩

Can you even make a single post without insulting someone else? Is this how low our society has come? Is this was “being president” means?

If we had Medicare for all when Bernie had his heart attack, he would be dead now, because the doctors wouldn’t waste their time on an old man. Have to save the young people.

Seriously you are an old man using schoolyard bullying names. Seriously grow up and act like you have some class!

It was like he didn’t even know he was going to be up for a debate Pocahontas made him look really stupid and that in itself is amazing

annihilation, I’m sure her wardrobe is at the cleaners getting spruced up and will be ready to wear asap! I hope she’s in better health this time around because President Trump has a lot of historical data he’ll have at his disposal to dismember her 2020 attempt, his unchallengible record, her rotten criminal record still intact….she’ll get weary once again, President will pound her into submission this time around!

Let’s just give everyone everything for free. Oh wait we will have the government pay for it. Who pays for the government to pay for the things? Taxpayers. Wait that’s me.

He’ll enthusriastically take on: other celebrities, other politicians, other ‘world-leaders’, political pundits, and pervaricating purveyors of ‘fake news’. On the other hand, he publicly praises: military, veterans, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, ranchers, farmers, miners, and workers.

Who agrees with me that Trump should not bother to debate the Dem’s nominee, no matter who it is? He does his great rallies. Why give the media any satisfaction? He doesn’t need them!

I cannot, understand why you must call people names. Do you realize how juvenile you sound? And no, you are not a genius. You have the IQ of a shoehorn.

I’m so honored that I got to be part of helping you flip the state of Nevada! I will continue to fight for you till the end Mr. President! Thank you for making my time in Vegas memorable! 💯🇺🇸

Nevada has just determined that no matter how much you win, you must divide it equally among the other players, non players and the management!

They are going to destroy everything we have ever loved about Freedom, Rights, Food, Laws, Jobs…. EVERYTHING. This is so much scarier than we can even imagine. I know it’s coming eventually, it’s scripture, but watching it unfolding is eye opening.

4 More years what about changes in the Veterans Administration. Their are some still with out cause the time it takes to approve a disability. Old vets have the worst cause no real representation. I’m one served during Vietnam and can’t get help.

This weekend, voters in Nevada will caucus to choose among a field of Democratic hopefuls for the nomination to run for U.S. President. Republicans will have no choice in Nevada, since the state cancelled its 2020 Republican contest last year. Seven states so far have determined that voters on the Republican side of the ticket do not have a voice in this year’s primaries.

I was proud to be in the room this afternoon as a voting member of the Nevada Republican Party as we pledged support to your reelection.
Thanks for appearing this past Wednesday morning at the Trump Victory Finance Committee meeting at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. It was a privilege to be a volunteer at yesterday’s rally at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In fairness, though, Nevada voted last year not to hold a Republican caucus. So I think it’s something of a mistake to have done that, because otherwise how are you going to gauge Republican turnout versus Democrat turnout? Jesus willing though that Nevada flips Republican this time around in Jesus name Amen.

According to the formula created by our founders, we should have around 10,000 Elected Representatives, rather than the 428 that we have. Because of this, those 428 are unable to function effectively. They do not have the presence of mind to pay atte…See More

Why waste the money and run a caucus? It’s clear as day Trump would have won 100% of delegates even if Nevada held a caucus. The Nevada GOP has chosen to save the money for the general election.

We pray every day for you, your family and for Pence and his family. In the Bible I have read about times such as we were experiencing and how God had powerful leaders such as yourself put in charge and things changed. God knew what and who was best for our leader. There’s evil hatred all around but when God is in control he’s mightier then any hatred. We love you and know God has his hand on you and your beautiful family. Thank you

Bernie is probably your competition and yeah they are going to be competitive. Still routing for you. I’m going to see about working as a judge at this election…I was one at the last one and a family of ‘Bush’s ‘ came in.

I see a lot of desperation in the comments from the left in here. 4 more years of Trump and 4 more years of having to listen to them whine. I’d be embarrassed if i was a descent democrat.

I hope you’re able to get help from the next term congress . I’m pretty sure you’re a for sure winner . It’s the members of congress that is really in need of some righteous people. I really hope the people in those areas are paying attention . Trump a…See More

The caucus was cancelled nobody was allowed to vote and nobody was allowed to run against you bwahaha impressive win… not… sounds like communism to me.

I’m pretty much sick of people in general. People have lost the culture of civility. Everyday life has become a burden. We have very little free time to spend with our families. We have to pay over exorbitant amounts of money to survive because taxes …See More

I wish all the best for the President of U.S it’s You Trump!!! You are the great man and the great President !!! (Sorry Boss !!! I speak in English so not good!!! But I will effort by myself to speaking better!!!)

So happy and proud to be a part of you beautiful people! and PLEASE line up in droves NOV!! to vote the most CRITICAL VOTE EVER!!! we will show the dems! we will vote RED vote TRUMP!! 2020!!!! don,t sit back and think he is in cause our neighbors will also be out voting demonrats!

Too bad somebody good & honest isn’t running against you. You have scared everyone away with your bullying & revenge. If there really is a God, he will make sure you don’t win over a Dem. Vote blue!!

You were afraid to debate Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford. You pressured multiple state parties to cancel their primaries. If you call that winning you must be a really weak candidate.

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