Tata Motors Sanand plant Crosses 5000 Milestone Nano Car

That’s some really great customer service. (Sarcasm). I’ve heard really bad customer issues from pretty much all manufacturers too, (gm, ford, jeep, dodge…) I was hoping for better from Tesla. Disappointed is all.

So talked to a guy who was charging his Tesla as he traversed Montana. He was on his 4th charge 2 more to go to get out of Montana. He is getting 150 miles on a charge at best as it it is below zero. He said he would have driven south to cross the US. Montanans should never own Tesla , his comment not mine:

I could only have an electric car as a run about. I am keen to see the Mercedes range of Electric cars yeah Teslas are cool but not sold on them. I think Mercedes making them will bring heaps of innovation to the market.

And internal combustion powered cars never break down? Get over it as it under warranty what the problem. All makes have issues people just seem to jump on any EV car issues because they don realise we HAVE to move forward. there are no more dinosaurs to make any more oil so when it gone it gone for good.

I bought a Tesla for my sixteen year old. I started to have second thoughts watching this.

Ohh no the rich guys teslas broke lol what should we do not like if he owns 2 teslas he has the money ti fix it and they are under warranty

Why would anyone let a Tesla run their life. Hope he learns a important lesson from all of this nonsense. Did Tesla think the car was dropped off to sit there for the hell of it. They should have looked at the Vin and gave him a call! What a large waste of time and excuses from start to finish. To bad some people are such easy prey.

Apple is the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE company in the world!! My iPhone X became victim to the recall due to faulty touchscreen chip (free repair) but due to a tiny line on the screen they are trying to charge me £450+ VAT for screen replacement!

facing a backlight issue & battery issue with my macbook pro 13″ 2017 model with only 18 months of usage. Flexgate issue affecting more than 20,000 users in the world. Apple , please be a responsible company and extend the replacement to model later than 2016.

I tried to talk to support but when signing in, it sends a verification code to my home country number only and since I don’t have that sim card in use at the moment, i don’t receive the code. No Code, No Support!

Once again Apple take money from my bank account. I had hoped that this was resolved when they Apple agreed to a refund in Oct 2019. So when I asked them to verify the date the refund was made and reference number today. They could not. A clear case of theft by Apple and lieing to a customer in order that they hope the customer gives up.

My Iphone X keeps re-starting itself. Looked online for self-trouble shooting, nothing works. You call the contact number, no one answer! Incredible overrated as a product. will put it back working, sell it and switch back immediately to Android.

Apple staff told me there was no 16 inch model coming out so I bought a 15 inch in September 20. The staff at Ginza told me i should buy it. And, now a month later the 16 inch model comes out.

I was in London Covent garden store 2 weeks ago and asked when apple was going to make a larger laptop. The sales assistant said there was nothing planned.16 inch is still smaller than the 17 inch that I use

apple steals customers data on purpose and has a proportion for that if their data bot thinks the data is worth something the apple data bot is deleting the data

It was 2014 and the Russians had just invaded the Crimea, severing it from the Ukrainian mainland and triggering a conflict that would claim 13,000 lives over the course of the next five years as fighting between government units and Russian-backed separatist militias turned the east of the country into a wasteland.

The biggest issue is to connect your iPhone to this you need to buy adapters. Great job Apple design team

Apple open a proper store on the Sunshine Coast because I’m getting sick of dealing over the phone or at the repair shop which can take for ever, and I’m not the only one. New phone sent out yesterday and it’s faulty but I can’t just walk into an Apple store, no I have to type, call or deal with an overloaded repair shop which isn’t even a Apple store

I found out if you install or a certified Mac repair shop installs memory after you buy it, you lose your apple care!

I have made so many nasty remarks about the company that I work with and I’m aware that everyone knows what they were since I’m posting publicly. I should not blame the environment I’m at or the circumstances I deal with on a daily basis.

Peace be upon you Apple. I am a poor citizen of the State of Iraq, I live in the province of Mosul, and our homes have been smuggled by ISIS terrorist elements. I am unemployed and the difficult situation I am going through. I am a fan of Apple devices and I want to get a phone from Apple as a souvenir from you and I thank you team Apple

Holly Carter why does this one image with no further information make me want it so bad! I mean mine is 4 years old now

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