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Why is our government officials allowing socialism, communism and islamism to flourish in our nation and to run for office? We should ban all of those failed, violent, evil political ideologies that contradict our Constitution, way of life, beliefs.

Best part of this is that Trump is doing a better job of normalizing Sanders than his own campaign is doing! Oh, Obama did/said the same thing? I guess it can’t be all that bad 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sanders is nothing more than a communist. Freedom of this country and the american people will be taken over by a socialist regime. Why anyone would vote for Sanders is beyond comprehension. The american dream will die and government will take over american lives. Socialism never wins. TRUMP 4 more years!

Cuba and giving Iran a planeload of currency and let’s talk about pardoning Chelsea Manning, on that was passing classified information .

It is true there is good and bad in everyone….good thing America has history and records to prove that Bernie is misleading the non thinkers, the non workers and all others who feel entitled to be taken care of with other people’s money.

“There’s no doubt Donald Trump loves power, and he regularly praises men who use their power to run a country in ways that support their own interests, rather than those of the people. Even when these leaders openly mock him, or make a mockery of him through their actions.

That’s right Mr. President, President Obama took the steps to bring Cuba back into the Open World. This is what a Real Leader Does. No Coup is needed when the People see what Freedom feels like when the World invites them back. RESIGN 🤡!😎

Why not focus on your own revolving door administration and running the country instead of investing all of your time in campaigning.

There’s no defending those comments. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. That was NOT a great literacy program period.

How many have praised Russia just within the last year? It’s swamp creature and Putin’s puppet, Donald Trump. Please Report ALL the news. And quit spreading propaganda 😡

I feel bad for the average American,Trump cannot be trusted averaging over 20 lye,s a day.You will pay a horrible price listening to Trump about the spread od the corona virus.

Obama did absolutely nothing for the American people and Bernie Sanders will do absolutely nothing for the American people, to praise a dictator for what! to teach them to read, and Bernie say it wasn’t all bad, well I can read see and hear Bernie and he is bad news for America

Just like Trump took everything away from a lot of contractors and if he can they will send them to jail as he did in Panama. You’re comparing apples and oranges tRump. Bernie’s been a fan for decades, Obama mentioned them within his duties as President. Aren’t you tired of lying and getting caught?

Should try talking to ex-pat Cuban community in FL, they’ll tell you the WHOLE story. If I were you I would be more concerned about Trump standing next to Putin saying he believes that communist over our own CIA.