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The Democrats are sleazy, crooked, lying cheats that will stop at nothing to sew deception, coruption, and scandal. They are evil to the core…

40 million dollars later the Democrats will be as stupid as they are now…nothing to it!

Wasn’t the democrats who blamed Russia for your election, it was U.S. intelligence and you chose to side with Putin….get your fact straight, Don the Con!!!

Just goes to show how deep the seep state really is! Our intel agencies are dishing out the libtard propaganda machines agenda.

Excellent suggestion these fake rats would never consider! That’s ok it just shows the level of corrupt politics we are facing!

Wondered what the Russians are really thinking about this, it’s probably news to them, they are not the bogeyman but the due nothing Democrats are the ones to be worried about.

They even fight with them selves and try and blame the Russians if it’s not going the way they want . Maybe cause Bidsn is falling out quick

The left has become a clown show with their anonymous sources and flat out lies about Russia. Witch Hunt part Deux here we go! This time they want Bernie AND Trump to win, do you believe them this time??

It’s totally refeshing to me to see and hear the DEM’s run amuck like lost souls, looking for whatever they can to blame their total lack of leadership, drive, enthusiasm skills. The republican party has never stuck together until you took over and its Great!

You know what the funny part about the Democrat Conspiracy Theory that Russia convinced voters to vote for Trump over Hillary with some simple Facebook propaganda. If true it would have been Democrats that was swayed so easy. The Democrats are the reason why there is so much hate and so much negative aggression and I just can not figure out exactly why or how they get by being so evil and unlawful. What exactly am I missing that gives everybody else but the Democrats a right to be investigated, charged or thrown in jail especially when the laws that the Democrats break are in plain sight

When are the Dems that are responsible for the wrongful accusations going to be brought to justice? They are just pointing their fingers at themselves, they think they are above the law, the Dems are the ones who are throwing American s under the bus.

Someone needs to hold the press accountable to revealing their sources for credible information…at this point the MSM is nothing more than Russian propaganda media machines!

Isnt it against the law to leak classified info? Why isnt anything being done to this as$hole. Schiff thinks he is a freaking king ruling the serfs of the village. At some point he has to be help accountable for all the B.S. and turmoil he has created in our country.

Let’s just hope and pray Shifty loses his seat this next go-around! He and crazy Nancy can retire together and reminisce about the “good-ole-days” when they brought a fake impeachment against the sitting President and lost their party and voter support, as a result. Idiots!!!!

I hope he is caught. Our Supreme Court needs to insist that newspapers who leak classified information need to reveal their source. Both the newspaper and the leakers need to be prosecuted because they are in a co-conspiracy .

When will Americans be able to see justice served on these crooked politicians,and prove that there is one set of rules and laws for all people. We want the laws inforced now Mr. President. And not that democratic clown show.

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