Two wheeler are more beetter than 15 years

That is an iconic picture now. They laughed at you and called you irreverent when you first did it, but your heartfelt gesture will go down in history.

They that trust in the LORD are like mount Zion which cannot be removed but abideth forever. As the mountains surrounds Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, from this time forth and even forever.

He’s the best President in the history of our country. We are more united than ever! Don’t listen to the fake news media just listen to the rallying cries of freedom loving people coming together to celebrate the love of country and freedom. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life. You can feel it. Together with our President we have saved our republic!

I’m not going to vote for you because of your recent decision to roll back environmental regulations regarding the development of infrastructure on the habitat of endangered species. Loss of habitat is one of the biggest killers of endangered species, and you have just made that easier. That’s a lost vote from me.

While our Ametican flag is either not on dem stsge or is whisked off the stage, our president gives every American citizen a symbolic, encouraging hug. We love him, too!

Say what you will about him .u might not like his hair or the way he talks or even his tweets. But the one thing u cannot say is, he doesn,t love this country.Trump 2020.Best president of my years

Trump 20 20 and I feel like it is a great thing that Trump hugged the American flag and if someone doesn’t like it then they need to leave our country his love for America allows him to hug the flag as many times as he likes

This number was developed from the American construction worker as they “rolled up” the cords and tools @ 4:20. Starting a movement 4-20-2020.

Anyone saying something negative about Trump has something to gain from the Democrats and are afraid of that free ride turning into something they have to work for

What Bernie Sanders when Bernie Sanders free healthcare free healthcare more food stamps more food stamps or full-size more Social Security money my Social Security money

Just want to give words of encouragement to Trump supporters against Socialism….use your intelligence, common sense, courage, patriotism, above all prayers and especially go and VOTE VOTE VOTE…never run on scared…Bernie says he is fighting for th…

It required enormous effort, organization and time (decades) to brainwash America’s impressionable youth. It will take the same effort and persistence to allow those deceived to become receptive to reality and the truth. — Please assist this effort by posting and sharing. Thank you.

We have the founding fathers of this country. Now we need the refounding father’s starting with president Trump. Trump 2020 bring us back to greatness! And drain the swamp the mosquitoes are insane!

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