Who is father of computer and civil engineering

It was not Adam Schiff, it was your intelligence people, whom you are presently firing that made the statement about Russia. Another attempt to shift the blame and deflect the truth.

I don’t think Russia cares who wins, they just want disruption and for us to not trust our system and they know you will run your mouth trying to disprove their interference. It is just a shame YOU don’t believe intelligence brought to you by YOUR OWN appointment people. It is NOT the DEMS saying this!

Bernie Sanders is not the right choice for me although I do agree with some of his proposals. We don’t line up on issues that are high priorities to me.

What the hell does Russia had to do with people voting! I voted for Trump because I wanted to and will again. Because I want to! No Russian influenced my vote. The democrats influence me on a daily basis. Lol 😂

Schiff is a corrupt politician, but you’re not? What a joke that is. He’s not suggesting that Russia is meddling in the election, by himself. He received the same briefing, that you did. Before, of course, you put a total muppet in charge of the intelligence community. How Putin must have laughed at that.

Nevada was always a conservative Stare. Due to Clark count and Demo Vegas it changed. Ranchers and Farmers are the root of this state. It’s too many Californians!

We all support you Donald , when they say it has been Russia again ask them whet Russia had to do with jobs, immigration, stock market , the list goes on those are your accomplishes and nobody else’s ! Tell the media that !!

I’m telling you they will not let Bernie Sanders run for president when I say them I mean the Democratic Communist Party there is no way in hell are they going to let him run they took it away from him once and they’ll do it again.

If they were so concerned about Russia Obama would have ordered the dnc to turn over their jacked server and the bleach bit bashed Hillary devices

Don’t forget some of rich elites don’t want Bernie to win, so they come with Russia hoax , like they said about Trump, so if Bernie win at Democrats side they will blame Russia for sure . This is big excuse for losers on the left side .

Russia tampering with the election, like how? Russia has nothing to do with the way I vote. So what’s the point to this Russia thing anyway?

If Russia is interfering in the election shouldn’t you as POTUS do more to safeguard our democracy than posting on social media like some teenage influencer looking for likes?

First, there is no proof Schiff is corrupt. You can’t refer to anyone you don’t like without including false insults. Second, you fail to mention that the Russians are also pushing for YOU to win, just as they did in 2016. The Sanders suppor…See More

“Russia Russia Russia” means all the Russia stuff is not worth listening to. Corrupt, shifty politicians are not worth listening to. Crazy people are not worth listening to. Everything the President posts is about people not worth listening to. Mr. President, please stop listening to people not worth listening to!

Oh great and wise DJT, please, by all means, tell us how Russia got you elected again. It’s not like it’s common knowledge, it’s not like there is a whole report with tons of verifiable resources to prove you wrong.

So explain to me why we cant stop Russia or other foreign interests from swaying elections? Are we supposed to just live with that threat and acceot the result? Seems to me protecting our elections should not be something to make jokes about and should be Americans highest priority to fix. Politics fucks up everything.

Hold on, are you now claiming that Russia is influencing American democracy to get a candidate elected? 😂😂 god I swear you and the Democrat establishment are a joke

You would figure that they would get a clue, we don’t care about Russia and if they help you, I will personally do a shot of vodka to celebrate.

Trump on Sunday after the president denied ever being briefed on information that Russia has been trying to interfere in the upcoming 2020 elections to help Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). “Nobody said it to me at all,” the president said Sunday. “Nobody b…See More

IF you’re Russia (enemy of the US), then you want people who would make that country WEAK – by abolishing the 2nd Amendment; turning it into a Socialist Country that controls the Citizens; have Open Borders (to destroy the country within); and, you’re for the one who would WEAKEN the MILITARY! IF you’re Russia, you certainly DON’T WANT the one who says “America First”! 🙌

it is Donald Trump’s own intelligence agencies who reported that Russia is once again interfering in our election, trying to help Trump and also pushing Bernie Sanders.

You are the one protect American ! Great work Mr. President! Socialism can’t not win. US can not being Socialism country. God will help you , bless you , protect you and speed your work!

You won Nevada because of marijuana, MMA, your personality, the local culture, because you appeal to the everyman, because you can talk to dictators and make them like you, and because no other candidate could come close to what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

Bernie Sanders, win. Lmao. The Democrats don’t have anyone to run against you that could win because they have made such clowns out of themselves it’s will be years before they will even be considered again. They really screwed themselves but that’s okay because we are amazed by what you are getting done, even though you have to work around the circus. Thank you trump. You are a great president, maybe even the best. You do what you say you will and you’re the first person that has kept their word.

Bernie Sanders must be going to bed at night dreaming of how can I get President Trump out of there well I got news from don’t bother never happened

Your intelligence agencies are already saying Russia is already trying to interfere in the election!!! So you don’t believe them??

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