Why Indian company vehicles give more mileage than foreign engines

The battery on my macbook has failed, out of warranty, and I can’t back it up. You are charging me $330 to make a backup for me. This is not customer service, it’s the approach of gangsters.

Don’t buy Apple products in the US and expect to be treated well , by Apple, when bringing them to the UK if they fail after the one year warranty. If you purchase in the EU a hardware failure is covered for six years. I…See More

Really bad service from Apple support. purchased an ipad that doesn;t activate and spent in excess of six hours and no result!!

Well my iphone xs max 256GB is 14 months old and continously reboots whenever it wants, apple wont help me out said i could get a discounted one at 699, i already paid 1350 out of pocket for it… very sad day ive been an apple customer since 2006, not anymore..

Products may be cool looking but service and support behind is absolutely not worth. It took apple india 3 months 4 complaints to accept hardware problem and its still unresolved. That’s Apple for India.

I don’t even have apple and they are taking money out of my account! Answer my calls apple!!! Your products are weak and cost 10X their worth!

Anyone having problems with their homepods ? for the last month it wont play anything after i tell it to.I have to do it manually…siri is waitin and is not able to play anything.Not a problem on my phone just the homepod!Any suggestion?

Waiting for you to mark Alaska as Russia as well. Once it belonged to them, just like crimea. And it will definitely improve you sales in the region since its everything that you care about.

Thanks Apple for ruining my 18 year old daughter’s birthday, I bought an Iphone x the same doesn’t work. It was her big dream to have an iPhone and on her birthday the crap does not work, I called support and did not solve the problem we are going to celebrate her birthday with mobile phone that does not work in the technical assistance. You are ridiculous, it was supposed to be a special day for her, but Apple managed to make her cry and we are here on the most special day for her, at Apple’s technical support in Sorocaba Iprime to bring the crap out of the Iphone X device that doesn’t it worked, and along with it I will advertise everyday for people not to buy iPhone because buying iPhone makes your birthday present dream come true if you have a nightmare

Apple I just received my new 16 inch macbook pro that I ordered during black friday. I thought I would get a €200 voucher with the laptop as it showed me on the website. I just called the Apple phone number and I was told that it’s not for the 16 inch macbook pro model. I think it’s really misleading and not fair if you are paying this much money for a laptop.

Bought Iphone7 and using from october 10th 2019.Iam facing problem with charging cable ,when I visited the authorized apple store they are saying the cable cant replaced.The customer care guy also saying by seeing picture ,it was not replacable.The guy saying it is happen in usage or climatic conditions or plugin socket problems.

My husband and I couldn’t wait to be parents and hence, at 29 when I got pregnant, we were absolutely over the moon. While the expenses were quite a lot, we managed decently with our insurance, until I was recommended to take NIPT. United Healthcare, m…See More

I’ve been an apple user for 15 years now. I’ve always been satisfied with the service I received.

Terrible Apple Store in Munich, Germany. On Marienplatz. the seller forbade me to shoot videos from my iphone and forced to remove the video, still grabbed me. Nowhere in the apple store were they forbidden to shoot video. I will leave a review on all sites and in all social networks.

Hello, is there any chance that other people have problems with iPhone XS MAX after last update (13.2.3)? My phone started to lagging and having problems with broadband and I have all4 bars of coverage…

I bought my daughter a Mac book air just 2 years 6 months ago and it now dead nothing will turn on this was very well
Looked after and cared for and Apple now want.

Very interesting that Apple DO NOT check the apps available on the Apps Store for Virus or issues anymore. They allow anyone (terrorists and hackers) to put apps on the apple apps store that are not checked, verified or filtered.

I would like to complain about FEDEX’s late delivery. Fedex claims that I was not at home, but it was exactly the opposite: I left to wait for the delivery that didn’t happen.

I can not rave about your products. Your customer service is very disappointing. For the amount of money you charge for your products, I would think you would want to keep your new and repeat customers happy and coming back for more. Apparently not, wish I would have invested my money elsewhere.

Simon Max Stick with Google play peeps Apple’s Touch ID let my 8year old spend $240+ on his Christmas present iPad and it’s not set to his fingerprint?! Great Christmas scam Apple refusing to refund is low, very low. As if we don’t have enough trouble surrounded by a ring of bush fires where we are in Australia and enough expenses preparing for what feels like the inevitable. Merry Christmas indeed. Apple you have made far too much money legitimately from us over the years to have to steal it via dodgy scamming apps targeting young children. Many like myself who live in Florida are posting their complaints online. Also, according to your own terms online, it was your responsibility to alert your customers of this service increase especially since it took effect in October.

Moving the top 5 Wireless Services into the All Apple Store The top 5 Wireless Services are AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and metroPCS Authorized Dealer the stop will be on Boylston Street Boston Mass 02118 across from the Prudential Center input of the iPhone #12 for Carollynn, Big Red, (C-Rock) Facebook Cloud

About two months back, I came across this article that highlighted some unreasonable and irrelevant practices carried out by renowned health insurers like Aetna. They’ve been straight up denying coverage to many young pregnant women for NIPT and NIPS stating that only women who are 35 or above can claim for settlement. The reason I’m bringing this to everyone’s notice is because my elder sister has faced similar issues in the past, but because of United Healthcare. Back then, when she’d registered a complaint internally, at Apple headquarters, they’d taken some minute action against the insurer. I have come to a realization that these insurance companies are clearly trading ethics for their financial greed.

What compensation can a customer who has skin burns from an Apple Watch recieve? I am considering legal action if my issue is not resolved. Medical advice classified it as a second degree burn. Skin turned red and bubbled on the first day.

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