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I’m all for Trump 20/20 but I hope we don’t have another four years of this back and forth between the Democrats and Republicans. How can we expect them to work together when so much name-calling between the two. I don’t want another four years of our government spending taxpayer money on investigations. I want to see some real work done in Congress. I’m tired of the Facebook comments in tweets.
This might be the best tweet yet! Keep them coming. We need to punch back for the first time ever in the history of the GOP. We’ve always been gentlemen, said all the politically right things. well bern is an old school communist. he claims socialist now because no one knows the difference anymore. I cant understand why they voting him and trashing Russia at the same time. He was a russia sympathiser his whole life.
Definitely a MAJOR 4 year investigation should cloud every Democratic Candidate. Something for sure must have happened because a friend of a enemy of mine told me this, who must probably and really be a friend of mine. Believe me. Keep this quiet. You have a tremendous amount of humor! After I read this post, I burst out laughing! I believe your humor is one of your attributes that has gotten you through all of the unfair attacks you & your family have been through! Voting for you in 2020! I didn’t vote for you the first time Nor criminal Hilary. But I am voting for you in the second round come hell or high water. I personally have a lot of respect for what you’ve done and how you feel towards America. My hats off to you for all the mental and verbal abuse that you’ve taken. But what people want to see now is accountability! Do you know what amazes me? These people actually think that they are going to get free stuff by voting for Bernie! Ha ha ha, oh my gosh really he can’t even do that the man is literally making empty promises that he cannot ever keep. No sitting US president ever has that much authority!That goes to show you with the average education of a ninth grader in the US thought is.

President Trump, but they have to use there own millions to pay for another Investigation, no more using Taxpayers money, but since Peloski, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff ( schifty Schiff liar) love our Country so much, I’m sure they won’t have a problem using there own funds, split 4 ways, right DemoRATS?

why is your justice dept. NOT serving subpoenas on about 15 or so treasonous democrats and bureaucrats? They must be brought to justice or this lawlessness will never end. “You” will end up losing the trust of your base.

I am so very proud of our president in how he honorably handles the crude/rude press, as he spells out what is happening and how the law should be fair and just.

Let’s see where the super delegates go Bernie ain’t won nothing yet. I hope he does so we can finally stamp out this socialist cancer

How about we get a special prosecutor to investigate mueller and everyone involved for wrongful prosecution and misuse of power. In a fair and just legal system, that would have already happened

Charge Biden for Abuse of Power for his Quid Pro Quo in the firing of the Ukraine Prosecutor, that he bragged about, was recorded and made available for the world to see. He can be the first draining of the swamp. Then keep going until every last member of our corrupt congress is gone. It would be the greatest thing you could do for our country and citizens and would save us from our next civil war.

President your fear of everyone who says Russia across the FBI and CIA clearly indicates you have a lot to hide! But don’t worry it all takes you to loose this term for all the truth about Russia to come out. The world patiently waits.

Russia makes some pretty good vodka though🤠 Mr. President, you’re pretty funny! I’ll take your humor and put it in my pocket to get me through the day. Kind of excited for the Dem show tomorrow. Last week’s was fun, and the battles are heating up. Who is going to loose against you? Fred president maybe you should show when Obama was talking to the Secretary of State Russia I have more plastic Ability ObamaThat is conspiracy

I would LOVE for you to be the one to start the meme, “russia, Russia, RUSSIA!”…The ode to the Brady family’s, “marsha, Marsha, MARSHA!”

All the bs you’ve been through and you still have honor and a sense of humor! Keep working for every American citizen! 2020 in the books!

They are going to wait until after Super Tuesday, so they will have a reason to take the nomination away from him. From Russia with Love!

It is my opinion that Putin would make a good VP on the Sanders ticket. That way “Bull” Schiff would have direct access to the Russians.

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